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Miss Baker, the secretary, was standing outside the school watching out for the coaches that took the girls from the station to here. She was obeying Miss Felgate, and was playing her last message in her head.

"There are two new girls this term," Miss Felgate had said. "Just send them to me, along with two people they're already with. It's best to give sheepdog duties to those who have already met the new girls.

So Joan Baker did what was asked of her.

Joan Baker was never properly accepted into the main Chalet School. Because of her lower-class ideas, she never was found a good character by EBD. But she had applied for this job because she couldn't get a job anywhere else.

It was alright here. She was accepted here, and even if her interests were boys and make up, as a person she was liked, or, at least, respected as she should be.

She saw the coaches and prepared to do her job. When everyone went off and into the building, she saw the two new girls with Scar and Amber.

"Hi, you four!" called Miss Baker. "You're Mary and Eleanor. Which way round is it?"

"I'm Mary,"

"I'm Ellie,"

"I'm Scar,"

"I'm Amber,"

"I know you two. Could you all go to Miss Felgate, please?"





And so Amber had to sheepdog Mary, and Scar Ellie.


Elsie didn't like the foursome of Scar, Amber, Mary and Ellie. She disliked Scar and Amber, and as for the two new girls, they were plainly a bit weird, in her mind.

The next day Ellie and Mary had small tests in each subject, and the rest of the school had unpacking to do. New girls unpacked in the afternoon.

Scar and Amber were surprised to see they had a new English teacher.

Miss Maynard was tall and dark. She didn't appear to be anything to shout about, but she was the younger sister of M. Constance Maynard, who was a big success.

Cecily Maynard, taking a small lesson for the girls, looked at who was who. She didn't see the new girls that day, but she did manage to see the rest.

The other teachers seen that day were the same as last term. And Miss Felgate announced that day that the Sale was to be that term, and if anyone had any suggestions for a theme they could submit it to the Sale committee, who were a bunch of non-prefect sixth-formers and a representative of each of the other forms, lead by the Hobbies Pree.

"Who's going to be our representative?" asked Scar, later.

"We'll have a vote in class tomorrow, lead by out form tutor," said Lind.

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