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Author's Chapter Notes:

This snippet was prompted by jayj's fabulous Let's talk about... well... you know

KATHIE_F: ::reads:: Nance?

NANCY_W: What?

KATHIE_F: What is this thing you can do with a chair?

NANCY_W: ::grins:: Me in particular or people in general?

KATHIE_F: I was thinking specifically you, although I assume it might work for other people, whatever it is.

NANCY_W: You do realise I have no idea what you're talking about, my love?

KATHIE_F: Here, in this drabble. What do you suppose she's suggesting? And do you think we can do whatever-it-is now?

NANCY_W: ::frowns:: My education must be sadly lacking. A chair? I can't work out what she's implying.

KATHIE_F: That's a shame. It sounded like it would be... fun.

NANCY_W: Mmmmm. It certainly sounds... intriguing. Does she give any more details?

KATHIE_F: ::scrolls down:: No. ::pouts::

NANCY_W: ::reads:: Although she does write that it was something Biddy suggested...

KATHIE_F: Oh, my love, you are clever. ::departs to find Biddy and interrogate her on the subject of chairs::

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