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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter owes massive thanks to Beecharmer's All Change universe, Adding to the Pile of Good Things by Abi, and Where You Belong by jayj.

KATHIE_F: ::wakes:: Nance? What are you doing?

NANCY_W: ::looks guilty:: Nothing.

KATHIE_F: Are you still on the CBB?

NANCY_W: Umm, if I said 'no', would you believe me?

KATHIE_F: No. Now log off and come to bed.

NANCY_W: I will, I will. Just two more minutes.

KATHIE_F: You said that an hour ago.

NANCY_W: Just let me finish this drabble.

KATHIE_F: You said that an hour ago too.

NANCY_W: But you're in this one...

KATHIE_F: Doing what?

NANCY_W: ::grins:: Everything, by the sounds of it. At the moment, you appear to be drunk in charge of a treehouse.

KATHIE_F: I'm not!

NANCY_W: ::smirks:: See for yourself...

KATHIE_F: ::reads:: Hmmm. I don't think I like the idea of us sleeping apart. And we don't argue like that.

NANCY_W: We do argue a little bit.

KATHIE_F: We don't.

NANCY_W: We do.

KATHIE_F: Don't.


ELEANORE_L: ::mutters:: Oh, for heaven's sake, not this again.

KATHIE_F: ::looks nervous::

NANCY_W: ::speaks in a low tone which carries less than a whisper:: And apparently you're an exhibitionist. It says so right here. ::scrolls:: ::points:: ::grins::

KATHIE_F: I am not.

NANCY_W: You are.


ELEANORE_L: ::coughs significantly::

KATHIE_F: ::very quietly:: There's nothing about chairs in this drabble, is there?

NANCY_W: No, no chairs.

KATHIE_F: ::sighs:: Pity.

NANCY_W: There is a herdsman's hut though.

KATHIE_F: ::perks up:: Really?

NANCY_W: Yes. Although there seems to be something of a waiting list for it.

KATHIE_F: Let me see!

NANCY_W: And the author outed Matey.

KATHIE_F: ::chokes::

NANCY_W: You can read it later. I want to catch up on this one with the Doctor.

KATHIE_F: ::pouts:: I didn't think doctors were your thing, Nance.

NANCY_W: I'm not in this one. It's Hilda and Nell who seem to be busy with him.

KATHIE_F: ::chokes again:: Hilda and Nell? Busy? With a doctor? Really?

NANCY_W: Yes. No. Umm. Not busy busy. Just busy. And not a doctor, the Doctor.

KATHIE_F: ::looks bewildered::

NANCY_W: We really do need to get that television.

KATHIE_F: You're just looking for an excuse to watch more Muppets.

NANCY_W: You watched them too!

KATHIE_F: I didn't go and buy the pyjamas though, did I?

NANCY_W: ::grins:: Are you jealous of my new pyjamas?

KATHIE_F: Well, you might have bought me some as well. ::pouts::

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