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Story Notes:

PAIRING: Nancy Wilmot/Kathie Ferrars

NOTES: I wrote this at 3 o'clock one morning when Nancy and Kathie (particularly Kathie) simply wouldn't shut up. To be honest, I'm not sure it really belongs anywhere outside my head. I wasn't originally planning to move it over from the CBB, but then Kathryn said she wanted it, and I was feeling guilty over not having written any more of WMK, and I found a little extra snippet of this that I'd written a little while ago and never posted, so I thought I'd post that for Kathryn as consolation, but it wouldn't make much sense without the bits that preceded it (not that it makes an awful lot more sense with them!) so I'm posting it all.

SPOILER WARNING FOR DRABBLES REFERENCED WITHIN: This little piece of late-night-lunacy will make far more sense if you read these drabbles first - plus, they're really fantastic drabbles which will make anyone's life more fun. In order of appearance:

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NANCY_W: Kathie.

NANCY_W: Kathie!


NANCY_W: Sleeping like that is not normal. KATHIE! ::shove::

KATHIE_F: Ow! Help, Nance! What happened?

NANCY_W: Umm, you... fell out of bed. Never mind that now, come and look at this.

KATHIE_F: Easy for you to say 'never mind', you weren't the one that just got attacked by the floor. What am I supposed to be looking at?

NANCY_W: This!

KATHIE_F: It's a computer. So what?

NANCY_W: Not that - look at what's on the screen. It's about us. We're in another story.

KATHIE_F: Well, I don't think much of it so far. I report to Hilda and go to bed? Thrilling.

NANCY_W: I'm assuming there is going to be more. Someone's just knocked at your door. I expect that'll be significant.

KATHIE_F: I still don't care. I'm going back to bed.

NANCY_W: Someone's not at their best at 3am, are they?

KATHIE_F: No, you're decidedly irritating at 3am. Shut up and let me sleep.

NANCY_W: Kathie, come here and look at this!


NANCY_W: Kathie, come on, I know you're not asleep.


NANCY_W: If you were really asleep you'd be snoring.

KATHIE_F: I do not snore! You take that back, Nancy Wilmot!

NANCY_W: See, I knew you were awake. Come here and look at this.

KATHIE_F: I looked already.

NANCY_W: Not that, something else.

KATHIE_F: How about I stay here with my eyes closed and you just tell me about it?

NANCY_W: Everything we say is appearing on the screen.


NANCY_W: I told you. Come and look.

KATHIE_F: ::looks:: Huh.

NANCY_W: What do you suppose it is?

KATHIE_F: How should I know? I was asleep! When did it start?

NANCY_W: ::scrolls up:: Umm, it seems to have started when I was- You know what, I don't think it's important when it started.

KATHIE_F: Let me see.

NANCY_W: ::scrolls down, very quickly:: You were right, we should go back to bed, never mind all this, we really need our sleep-

KATHIE_F: Nancy Wilmot, you get out of the way right now and let me see! ::scrolls up::

NANCY_W: Kathie, my love, don't be mad-

KATHIE_F: You pushed me out of bed.

NANCY_W: I was just trying to wake you.

KATHIE_F: By pushing me out of bed.

NANCY_W: You're very difficult to wake, you know.

KATHIE_F: So you pushed me out of bed?

NANCY_W: What else was I supposed to do?

KATHIE_F: Not push me out of bed?

NANCY_W: Kathie, darling, please shut up about the bed.

ELEANORE_L: Both of you shut up. It's 3am, for goodness sake. Don't you people sleep? All I can hear is you constantly yapping away, and I really wish you wouldn't. I get up at 5am, can't your conversation wait until then?

KATHIE_F: ::points:: It's her fault.

NANCY_W: It was not. It was your fault.

KATHIE_F: No, it wasn't.

NANCY_W: Yes, it was.

KATHIE_F: It wasn't.

NANCY_W: It was.

KATHIE_F: Wasn't.


KATHIE_F: Wasn't.


KATHIE_F: Wasn't.


ELEANORE_L: Do you want me to write a scene where you smother each other with the pillows?

KATHIE_F: You wouldn't!

NANCY_W: Would you?

ELEANORE_L: Do you really want to find out?

KATHIE_F: Goodnight, Nancy.

NANCY_W: Goodnight, Kathie.

KATHIE_F: Don't I get a kiss?

NANCY_W: Only if I get one too.

KATHIE_F: And don't I get a-

ELEANORE_L: ::types:: Nancy and Kathie fall asleep instantly and don't wake up for at least seven hours, no matter what happens. ::ponders setting fire to the School while they're asleep:: ::decides to save that for next time::


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