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Term had got on a bit. Amber and Elsie were in a massive argument, and Scar didn't really get on with either of them. Elsie was too inquisitive, and Scar had slipped up near her too many times. Elsie was asking her what an iPod was now.

If Matey was at the Glendower branch, she would have a match in Amber. Amber was unsquashable, and the staff had masses of trouble with her, because you could never truly account for where she was unless you locked her up. She also loved hurting people, and took a hatred very quickly.
The George and Jack arguments were part of every day life. Anne had tried to stop George from arguing with Jack, but it was to no use.

Lind, Melody, Laura, George, Anne, Scar, Nemone and the two Amys were one group in the form. Jack and some of the others made a second, and there was also a third group, obsessed with boys and make-up. Then there was Elsie, who asked way too many questions, Amber, who no-one really liked because she was too stubborn and so on, and Edith, who loved to sing, but couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, and thought herself beautiful, but wasn't anywhere near it.

The Ofsted inspection was near, and most people were nervous about it, whether they were staff or pupils. Scar and Amber were the only ones in the form that weren't bothered at all. Most of the form put it into the background and tried not to think about it, and only one of the form panicked about it.

Scar was stuck in her spying, with all those lessons and food and whatever. She still had trouble sleeping; this was when she decided to start spying.

She decided that Miss Felgate's office should do for a start, and went there. Unfortunately it was locked. However, Scar had bothered her older brother to teach her lock-picking, so she learnt it from him. She picked Miss Felgate's office door and looked inside.

She went in, softly closing the door behind her.

"Where to look?" she asked aloud, then saw a door.

She slipped through it and found herself in Miss Bakers office, the secretary.

"Open Filing cabinet," she murmured. "Look through it,"

She saw the names of the Middles there, without much enthusiasm. Then she stopped.
There wasn't a Middle named Ambrose, was there?

She looked at the file front cover, with the basic details and a photo of Amber.

"Ambers first name is Ambrose?" she questioned openly.

"Name: Ambrose Maisie Barbie Elisaveta Roper. Age: 14. Birthday: 25 December."
Scar read on, through parents details and so on until she spotted something at the bottom of the page.

"Previous school(s):
Flower Primary (expelled)
Chocolate Infants
Chocolate Juniors (expelled)
Peanut Primary (expelled)
Stopsley Primary
Stopsley High (expelled)
Denbigh High - Denbigh, Wales (expelled)"

She looked through the school reports, and saw an extra one that should be mentioned on the front, but wasn't. She looked at another persons record who had gone to this same school. She found her file and looked, but on the front, again, no sign of ever going to that school. She looked at the old reports and saw a report from that school. This was very strange to Scar.

She searched all of the files for information, or any other schools that had reports but no mention of it on the front page. There were quite a few, the top ones behind the Chalet School, which was at the top, as always.

There was another unlocked drawer, of planned trips and so on. A lot of them circulated around the Seniors in summer, just before exams and all of that.

There were all of the timetables, for both girls and staff. There was a map of the school, lots of correspondence, all the usual things, and nothing seemed to be unusual, except reports, but they weren't much anyway. So Scar searched Miss Felgate's office properly. Scar couldn't find anything unusual there, either.

Scar, now suited to this spying business, now wished to read someone's diary to see what was going on.

But she couldn't just burst into Miss Felgate's room and read her diary. Miss Felgate would wake up. But maybe later she could slip away, unnoticed.

Ofsted day arrived, and all of the new and bad girls were taken out for a trip around. Apparently there hadn't been much of a chance before.

"Poppycock!" muttered Alicia to Betty. "They did this last year. Just because we play tricks and stuff, doesn't mean we'll play up on Ofsted day,"

"Well, it means we don't have to work. But I wish that George and Jack had been split apart for this trip. George had to come because of Timmy, who creates too much chaos, but Jack is generally well behaved,"

"Have you forgotten when she threw water bombs at some visitors?" asked Alicia.

"Yes," Betty replied.

The trip was quite enjoyable, even if George and Jack argued, and Amber slapped an older girl around the face for no reason that Scar could put her finger on.

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