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Scar hid. How long it was she didn't know. The dressing cupboard was rather small, and often smelled weird. She knew she was supposed to be in the common-room, talking or playing games or something. But the task was more important in her fore mind.

"Hello?" Scar muttered, carefully.

The person on the other line spoke.

"It's very... different to my old school. The girls seem to take work seriously, and seem to vaguely stick to some Elinor Mary Brent-Dyer person. Ever heard of her?"

The person on the other side checked some records or something, and reported that the person wasn't in the records.

"And they mustn't talk on the stairs or in the cloakroom places they call Splasheries. And two days a week you have to speak German, another two French, and another 1 and a half English. The rest of the time you may speak whatever language you please,"


"Right, and most lessons are taken in form rooms, except the domestic sciences, geography, Gym and games, anything needed to do in the science labs. that sort of thing. We have to take a long walk in the morning, and have to have a cold or lukewarm bath every morning. At night there are hot baths, and you take one every other day, or third day, depending on yourself,"


Scar explained everything, then the other side hung up. Scar hid her mobile where no-one could get at it unless they wanted it and knew it was there.

"And that's the end of that for a while," she said out loud, then the bell rang for middles bedtime.

Scar went to the door labelled "Oak" and went in to her dormy.

There was another new girl in there, but Scar had never spoke to her, she didn't even know who she was. Her initials were AMBER, and Scar had to admit, she had never heard the girl known as anything else.

Scar had always had a bit of trouble sleeping, especially now when she didn't have a Harry Potter Audiotape to listen to. She looked for more of her possessions which were banned by the school.
She had left them in her trunk, which meant she couldn't get at them until the end of term.

She let her thoughts pivot to that sign: If the Help desk think your question is stupid, they will set you on fire.

But Jim was recovered by now, she thought.

She finally said out loud "I've just lost the game,"

No-one stirred.

She then swore a lot, since she wasn't allowed to do in this school.

Then she drifted finally into sleep.

Scar loved the modern world. She was very good with computers, and had made many graphics with ease. She loved looking at graphics. She kept up to date with the latest games, and was saving every penny of her pocket money because Portal 2 was to be released next year. She had looked at the trailers with interest, and had got the original Portal free legitimately.

She used the internet often, and had found that sign on a funny site. She had accurately re modelled it and printed it out, then had put it near a help desk. The help desk staff had taken it for granted that their boss had put it there, so carried it out on Jim Melville, who was rather thick.

Her mother had told her about the game: if you think about it at all you had to say "I've lost the game,"

Scar also was a watcher of Mock the Week, Have I Got News For You, QI and most importantly to her, Outnumbered. She also listened to the radio from 6.30 to 7 on a Monday, and the News Quiz on Friday.

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