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The first night and day were very interesting to Scarlett. When they got off the main CS line, the girls went to the school coaches. Scarlett sat next to Lind, who was the brains of the group, apparently.

"Amelia and Ameris, twins all over. Even the teachers haven't a clue which way round they are. Not very EBD, I'm afraid, but then, after the main moved to Switzerland she wasn't bothered about us, so we developed differently. We don't always have to keep to her lines, for example, midnights aren't frowned apon, and no-one gets seriously ill when we do have them,"

"Oh," was all Scar could find to say.

"But when it comes to health and exams, it's different. We always get record results, just like EBD would have wanted,"

Scar noted this down quickly.

When the coaches stopped, everyone got their possessions together and left them. Scar and Lind joined with Laura, Melody, George, Anne, Timmy, two black and white cats, Amelia, Ameris and Nemone.

Sally Cherry, a future prefect, checked the coach for any missing belongings.

"Whose umbrellas are these?" asked Sally.

Amelia and Ameris went to get them. Ameris took Amelia's so Amelia took Ameris's.

"They're the cheeky pair of us. Always pretending to be each other. Laura is the leader. Melody's very good at music, funnily enough. Nemone is the peace keeper. Any arguments and she's there, stopping the fight. Anne and George are the other pair. Anne's going to become a secretary, and George is a good investigator apart from bias. They're always having adventures in the holidays,"
Then they went to the middles splashery.

"The shoe lockers are for shoes, and the shelf above them is used for other bits. There is a peg above there, and each persons peg has their initials above them. Lets find yours," Nemone said.

Nemone took Scar to find her peg. She looked very curiously. The label read SCAR.

"Yep, that's mine. They seriously are my initials,"

"What's your full name?" asked the girl next to Scar.

"That's Elsie the curious," murmured Nemone.

"My full name is Scarlett Chelsea Angela Ronaldson, and I'm Scar for short,"

"Scarlett Chelsea Angela Ronaldson? That's some kind of long name,"

"Well, what's yours?" asked Scar. "Your initials are ELSIE,"

No-one had asked this before.

"Elsie Lanna Sarah Ivy Edwards. You don't know about me. I always say Or Elsie,"

"Why?" asked Scar.

"Oh, Scarlett Chelsea Angela, there is so much I must teach you. Tee hee hee,"

"Don't call me the whole thing,"

"Why not, Scarlett Chelsea Angela?"

The gong went for supper and they went there. Scar wondered out loud where the loos were.

"What's a loo?" asked Elsie.

On the first day there were the new girl tests, and Scar tried her best at them, trying to look normal. She looked at Miss Baker, the secretary, who always assisted the smaller tests, which were taken in Room 16, which was a very lonely room, it had to be said.

"I did okay at most things, I think," answering "Elsie" question. "My French and German were horrible, though. I chose to do Spanish for a language at my old school, so Miss Baker is arranging it so I can do Spanish instead of Art, because I can't even draw a circle without messing it up somehow. Except with a pair of compasses, I suppose,"

"Pair of compasses?" asked Elsie. "What he hell are they? And answer the loo question when you can,"

"A loo is often called a toilet and its proper name is a Lavatory. It's where your pi- sh- faeces go. Then you push a handle or pull a chain and it's forced away with water,"

Elsie looked confused still.

"What you get in the ru- Splasheries!" Scar said.

"What - basins?"

"No, those cubicles,"

"Oh, them," Elsie said.

"Don't you have a name for them?" asked Scar.

"For what?"

"Never mind..." Scar said.

"Okay, Scarlett Chelsea Angela,"

"I never liked the name Angela, ever since I saw Outnumbered,"

"What's Outnumbered? A play or a film?"

"It's a TV programme. Funny one, too,"

"What's a TV programme?"

"You know what a television is, right? Well, if you don't know of them I cannot help you,"

"Say something in Spanish," requested Lind.

“Hola, me llamo Scarlett. Tengo una hermana y dos hermanos. Tengo catorce aņos,” Scar said.

“Okay, and what’s that in English?” asked Melody.

“Hello, My name is Scarlett. I have one sister and two brothers. I am 14 years old,”


“A literal translation is I have 14 years, but you wouldn’t say that in English,” said Scar.

“Right,” said Melody.

Scar suddenly thought of home, then her thoughts meddled.

The Task.

How was she supposed to report to the boss? What if she was caught, with that item that was not allowed in this school?

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