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Scarlett Ronaldson stared around the platform. She listened to her mother going on about the task.

The Task.

"I'll be okay, Mum. I will do the task and see what's so different about this school. I'll write every detail in my notebook and send it on to you. Honestly, I can and will do this. I hope you told them I'm allergic to cheese," Scar said.

"Yes dear. Scar, don't forget your bag. It's got everything you need. Your night bag, your magazines and books, your purse with the tickets in-"

"Mum! I know what's inside it!" Scar complained, and got a notebook and pen out of it. Putting the bag on her back, she smiled.

"Bye, Mum. Tell Bill she's an idiot from me!"

"Scarlett Chelsea Angela Ronaldson! Bye, dearie,"

"Yeah, see ya,"

And Scar boarded the train. Unsure on what to do next, she travelled down the train until she found a compartment with a couple of other Chalet School girls. She was about to open the door when it was opened from the inside. The girl who opened it called to the others.

"We've got a new girl, people!"

"Well, invite her in, then," one of the others said.

"Come in," the first one said.

Scar went in, and sat down where offered.

"What's your name?" asked the first.

"Scarlett, Scarlett Ronaldson," Scar said.

"Okay. I'm Laura Andrews, this is Jack Baynard, short for Jacynth. That's Lind Moss, that's short for Belinda. This is Melody Parsons, and this is George, short for Georgina,"

Scar noted "Fashion for nicknames,"

"Here comes Anne," George said.

Anne entered the compartment and sat down.

"Hi everyone!" Anne said.

"Hi Anne. How come Georgina is here as well? She doesn't usually come by this train," said Jack.
The atmosphere suddenly turned very chilling.

"Oh, she stayed with us over the hols," Anne said.

Lind, who was closest, muttered to Scarlett "There's a feud between George and Jack. They're both tomboys, and both hate others like themselves. If they have to mention each other, they'll always use the full name. I think it's time for them to stop bickering and grow up!"

Anne, now settled next to Scarlett, gave another mutter.

"George is my cousin," she muttered simply.

"George," said Laura. "Have you got Timmy with you?"

"Yes, he's just here," George replied. "Timmy!"

A dog descended on the group. George smiled at him.

"This is Timmy," said George. "I'm glad that he can come this year, now they've re-instated the Pets Club. It's a bonus of Glendower House,"

Scarlett was confused by this. She noted some more things.

"I don't think she knows," said Melody. "This is just a branch of the Chalet School. The main branch is in Austria, ever since the hydro-electric company moved somewhere and sold us the old building. There's also a finishing branch in Switzerland, we call it St. Mildred's. And there's also what we call the Babes branch for younger pupils, on or near the Welsh border. Why are you taking notes?"

"Because I want to know as much about the school as possible, and my memory isn't that good," Scarlett made up quickly, she was not allowed to tell anyone about it, but didn't have the faintest idea why.

"Yes, well, the Babes House is for under 11s,"

"Yep, got that bit,"

The train stopped and the girls went through to the CS train, and settled down. Jack vanished and two others joined them.

"Jacks not really friends with us," explained Laura. "This is Amy, and this is Nemone,"

"Hi," said Nemone. "Have a good holiday?"

"And who is this?" asked Amy. "Seen Amelia anywhere, I can't find her,"

"I thought you were Amelia, Ameris," remarked Anne.

"Twins," murmured Lind.

Another girl, exactly the same as Ameris, entered the compartment.

"Anyone seen Amelia, I can't find her," the girl said.

"Which one's which?" asked Scarlett.

"No-one knows," returned a murmur.

"Why does everyone mutter, not whisper?" asked Scarlett.

"EBD says it's better. She said whispers carry further,"

"This is Scarlett," Laura was saying to the triad.

"Do you prefer to be called Scarlett or do you like a certain nick?" asked Nemone.

"I prefer to be called Scar if possible. Why'd you ask?"

"Oh, it's just the way EBD would have wanted," Nemone said, and settled down with the twins.

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