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Story Notes:
This is in the All Change Universe, but I am going to try to make it reasonably clear what is going on so that people who haven't been part of the All Change madness as it went along can perhaps start here and just check back in the first story as and when they want to do so. If you want to read the other one first then I would suggest reading the All Change Reorganised option, since it makes a little more sense of things !

I am not very good at seeing characters in a straight light, so while there will be nothing explicit, there will be gay relationships in this story.

I am going to do a Jilly Cooper and put a character list somewhere, probably in All Change Short Stories. I will put two different lists up. One will just have the name of the character and where they are crossed from. The other will have some of the relationships and characteristics of the people. That way you won't get too many spoilers if you haven't read All Change and just want to check who someone is based on.

So let the madness begin !! This is starting a few weeks before the last scenes of All Change.
A brief introduction : -

The Triplets (mainly Len) have started a school at Kirren Bay. Their main students so far are children of young adventurers, and relations such as Felix and Felicity Maynard, Kevin and Kester Russell and Len's own step children, John and Josie Kirren (also twins)

The school is set up for both mainstream education and also alternative approaches to keep the young adventurers interested. It is also to have an emphasis on skills for escaping adventurous situations.

There are a lot of characters from the original
Chalet school, as well as many from Enid Blyton.

There are also some characters who I have made up, so if you are struggling to guess the crossover, check with me, as there may well not be one!

The timing of this story is approx 1963 to 1964

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