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Elsie explained in her letter that the main reason for writing to Margia was to remind her of an idea she had once mentioned about providing a scholarship for the Chalet School.

“Do you remember my friend, Dr Jones? Well he has advised a patient of his to attend the Chalet School. Unfortunately, the fees are too much for her parents, but the girl would benefit from attending for health reasons while her parents are away. I can tell you that Anastasia is a bright young thing, and shows exceptional promise at playing the violin as well as composing her own music. I told Dr Jones that I had a musician friend who had attended the school and had once mentioned giving a scholarship for musically-gifted children. I know things have been difficult for you recently, having to look after Cassie on your own, but I feel Anastasia would make you proud if she had your scholarship.”

Elsie went on to tell Margia all the latest news about Evvy and Ilonka, two other school friends, and asked some questions on how Margia’s latest composition was coming along. 

Margia, however, did not read these bits yet as she was thinking about Elsie’s request. She had not given any more thought to the proposed scholarship after the death of her beloved husband in a car accident whilst on a tour of Austria with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Jonathon Alvintzi had been a conductor with Vienna’s prestigious orchestra. He was unfortunately killed as he was returning home, full of excitement to see his new baby daughter. Margia remembered his joy expressed in his last letter to her, and a tear glistened down trickled down her left cheek.

‘Well’, she thought, once she was composed again, ‘This Anastasia does sound like she needs the Chalet School, and as she is so musical, I think Jonathan would be proud for me to give her the scholarship. In fact that’s what I will call it, the Jonathan Alvintzi Scholarship. Part of receiving this scholarship means its owner will get additional time allocated to musical study and practice.’
And so it was decided. The first Jonathan Alvintzi scholarship was to go to Anastasia Brown.

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