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Anastasia awoke to the sound of a bell ringing. She looked around her in confusion until she remembered where she was. She gave a contented sigh and began to curl back up under her plumeau when Phil shouted, ’Up you get girls, show a leg!’

Anastasia wondered what on earth ‘show a leg meant’, but she readily clambered out of bed. Phil’s tousled red head appeared round her curtains. 

‘Morning Ana, when I say show a leg , you need to stick your leg out from under your curtain so I know you’re up.’ 
She grinned at Ana’s obvious surprise. “It’s a tradition from back in the dark ages when mamma was at school. Hurry up ‘cos you’re first in the bather this morning. I’ll show you where it is.’

Ana grabbed her washing stuff together and ran off after Phil. Whilst they were hurrying down the corridor Phil explained that the Chalet School girls were allowed to take cold or chill-off baths in the mornings. Ana grimaced at the thought of a cold bath and ran herself a lukewarm one instead. When she had finished she left the taps running for the next girl, as Phil had asked her to do, and scurried back to the dormitory.

Once there, she found she had little time to make her bed just the way Matey liked it, or brush her hair properly, if she were to be ready to join the line for Frühstück.

As they marched downstairs she found herself next to Marie in the line, who gave her a cheeky grin again, but shook her head to imply they could not talk on the corridors.

Chapter End Notes:

This is as far as I have got so far! More to follow soon, I hope!

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