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“Well, how about it?” Blue eyes met grey, determined and challenging.
“It is rather irregular,” was the reply, “and I’m really not sure that I would be allowed to.”

“But it’s what I would like, and although it is unusual, it surely isn’t entirely unprecedented?” 

”You might find that it is” was the reply and the older woman strode towards the window before turning around. “My dear girl, I really don’t think that the world in the 1950s is ready for a bride to be walked down the aisle not only by a woman, but one who, alas, is not even her mother.” The words were to the point, but the tone was gentle and the grey eyes softened as they rested on the downcast face. “Anyway, I thought Joey had offered Jack’s services?”

Biddy O’Ryan gave an exasperated sigh. “Oh really! Just because he is the nearest male available? Now let me tell you, it wasn’t Jack Maynard who helped me cultivate a taste for the finest whisky, taught me all of their best skiing moves and the choicest French and German expletives!” 

Hilda looked up with something resembling a smirk. “She has you there, Nell.”
Nell Wilson rolled her eyes heavenwards. “That more than qualifies me for the job then” she replied with a grin. 

“Oh that was just a start, there is much more and you know it!” was the retort. Biddy turned away slightly and bit her lip. There had been a few people who had to varying degrees taken the place of her dead parents over the years and there was no doubt in her own mind that ‘Bill’ was one of the best. “I want the service to have meaning and Jack’s presence would be just symbolic. Why does it have to be this difficult? Joey doesn’t help either”

“Jo does like to take an interest!” replied Nell. She tucked a hand into Biddy’s arm. “This requires some thought, come and sit down, love and let’s see what we can work out.”

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