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Story Notes:

I know many will know this already, but though using a seventy seven year old Con it would not be teaching my granny to suck eggs.  Although my grannies would be over a hundred and twenty if they were still alive today.

Con and the internet


Con prided herself on using a computer to write her papers for the University and she had learnt to save them and send them as attachments to her colleagues just as she had previously sent them by disks and USB’s.  Now however she had found the Sally Denny Library and was caught up in some of the4 drabbles.  She had even written one or two under a pseudonym but she found reviewing other peoples drabbles difficult.   If she made a mistake and did not spot it before posting it had to stay.  


Con decided to ask her granddaughter for advise as she used a computer at school and was even taking an exam in computer science.  


Her granddaughter was soon able to solve the problem.  She suggested that her Grandmother copied the incorrectly posted review by highlighting   the whole post and then coping it either from the tool bar or by using the short cut given there (on Windows Control (Cntr) C or Command C on a Mac and the opening a new review box and Pasting it in  Control V or Command V or the toolbar paste.   Con then could make the alterations she needed and submit without having to retype the review.  Once submitted then Con could delete the incorrect review.



Con had used copy and paste and even cut and paste in other documents and was pleased to realise that using the same techniques for correcting the reviews.

Chapter End Notes:

If there are other computer related problems PM me and I will try to solve them or find someone who can.

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