Maynard is a Common Surname by Someone
Summary: When Alistair MacDonald is posted in the Tyrol, his wife, Mollie, is happy to be back. She wants to find her brother, with whom she lost contact decades ago. After all, he'll be lonely having lived alone for so long with only a maid for company. Little does she know, there's a suprise in store for her...
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School Period: Future
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: Family, Romance
Series: Maynard Madness
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Mollie Visits Die Blumen... by Someone
When at last the snow stopped, Mollie went out for a walk to clear her head. It had been a while since she had seen Tyrolean snow and she wanted to remember what it was like.

She remembered her resolution on first arriving in the Tyrol and remembered that she had not yet visited Die Blumen to see if her brother was still there and, if he was, how he was getting on.

She changed her direction and walked briskly up to the Sonnalpe and at last came to Die Blumen. She rang the doorbell and, much to her surprise, Jo answered.

"Jo!" cried Mollie in greeting. "I didn't know you lived here!"

To her puzzlement, Jo blushed. "I...I've lived here ever since family and I...moved here...the Tyrol, that is!"

"And Jo, do you know where Jack is now? My brother?"

Jo looked even more uncomfortable.

"Er. He's...still at the...San." Then she broke off. She did not know how she was to explain away knowing Jack's exact location. When the right moment was upon them, Jack had promised to do the talking.

"Oh." Mollie smiled pleasantly, then spotted some knitting left in an armchair. "I didn't know you could knit, Jo!"

"I can't." Jo admitted. "It's my daughter's."

"Oh, do you have a daughter?" demanded Mollie curiously.

Jo briefly considered coming out and telling her former teacher (now her sister-in-law, thought Jo uncomfortably) everything, without Jack's help, but almost immediately abandoned the idea. She was very bad at explaining, and she also wondered what her husband would have to say.

"Yes." she said guardedly.

"And you still meed to introduce me to your husband!" beamed Mollie, with no idea of how awkward she was making the younger woman feel. "Or is it someone I know?"

That nearly finished Jo, but she kept her counsel and merely nodded, aware of the ambiguity of this answer.

Mollie, to Jo's relief, gave Jo a last smile and departed. Jo shut the door and then used it as a shiled so that her former teacher would not see her mime wiping sweat from her brow.

"Now, Vina!" she smiled at her young daughter, who was sitting on the hearthrug playing with her dolls. "That was close! You should pity your father and I, you should!"
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