Solange by Someone
Summary: The Richardsons' French cousin comes to visit them at the Sonnalpe, but she is hiding a secret...(and it's not as serious as it sounds!)
Categories: St Clare's House Characters: Cecil Maynard, Charles Maynard, Con Maynard, Felicity Maynard, Felix Maynard, Geoff Maynard, Jack Maynard, Jo (Bettany) Maynard, Len Maynard, Margot Maynard, Mike Maynard, Phil Maynard, Reg Entwistle, Roger Richardson, Ruey Richardson, Stephen Maynard
School Period: Future
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: Humour
Series: Maynard Madness
Chapters: 3 Completed: No Word count: 1208 Read: 4411 Published: 30 Nov 2013 Updated: 13 Dec 2013
Story Notes:
This story is inspired by David Walliams' 'The Boy in the Dress'. That should give you a big hint.
Hair Dye by Someone
"Oh, it's just too boring!" Ruey Richardson was not happy. The talk in the Maynards' salon had turned to hair after their parents had left the room, and Ruey was bemoaning the fact that she had boring hair.

"You need to dye it, Rue." said Con idly.

"Can you see Jo or Jack letting me?" wailed Ruey. Con just grinned.

"Why do you lot not all just have black hair?" asked Erica. "I mean, Jo's got black hair and Jack's got black hair."

Everyone turned to Reg, as the only doctor in the room, for they felt quite sure that it was a question of genes. "Well, Dick's blonde, isn't he? So that suggests one blonde grandparent. That Mrs. MacDonald...woman...thingamabob...sister of Jack's is nearly blonde, isn't she? So that suggests another blonde grandparent. That is two blonde grandparents, which is equivalent to one blonde parent. When blonde genes and black genes mix, you get redheads! But, of course, you can't guarantee anything with genes, so you get blonde hair, black hair, chestnut hair, you name it!"

"I wonder what Mamma would look like with blonde hair!" grinned ten-year-old Eliza, possessed of blonde hair herself.

"I don't know." returned Margot amicably "We'll have to dye it to find out!"

"Oh, no you don't!" cried a new voice. Jo had come to join the conversation and had come in time to hear this last exchange. "There will be no dying of my hair, thank you very much!"

"Not even perming?" laughed Phil.

"Definitely not!"

"Not even a tiny little one?" Cecil joined in.

"Oh, NOW I'm tempted. I've always felt jealous of people with curly hair. I know Jack likes it the way it is, but still..." She remembered that she had an audience and blushed a little, for indeed, Jack had often told her how much he loved her hair. She smiled round at them. "So, what's the gossip?"

"That if you're nice to us, we'll dye your hair blonde." said Len.

"And if I'm not?" challenged Joey.

"We'll dye your hair neon green."

"And how does one dye a person's hair when the person is showing a marked resistance to having their hair dyed?" Len ignored this. Instead, the group filled her in on their conversation.

She leaned forwards conspiratorially. "I might be able to rustle something up, but I don't know."
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