Mother's Day Messages by Beecharmer
Summary: Messages from Chalet School characters to the mixed combinations of Mothers / Aunts and Mother figures through the years. In four parts, starting with Tyrol.
Categories: Ste Therese's House Characters: Amy Stevens, Bride Bettany, Daisy Venables, Gisela (Marani) Mensch, Jem Russell, Jo (Bettany) Maynard, Margia Stevens, Peggy Bettany, Primula Mary Venables, Rix Bettany, Robin Humphries, Sybil Russell
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School Name: Chalet School
Genre: Family
Series: What Makes a Mother
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Tyrol by Beecharmer
Author's Notes:
The characters may well not have sent messages in this way at this time, but am ignoring that for the sake of this drabble and using some more modern phrases on occasion. Apparently Austria first celebrated it in about 1926, and UK and US for about 20 years before, more US than UK. The "cards" are in approximate date order, but if it flows better slightly out of order then I won't be exact in that order / people's ages. Please also forgive any bad translations, I have tried to be reasonably accurate, but I'm no language expert.

Technically the last one isn't Tyrol, but its nearly so, and a good ending. The one to Gisela is written by Gottfried in case that isn't clear, and the first Robin one is when she is about 6 and to her actual mother, who would have died not long before. The "Bien Amie" comes out of one of the books where she says it, so it may not be correct to be written in a card but I wanted to include it. :-)
Dearest Madge,

Hope you have a wonderful Mothering Sunday,

Lots of love from


(and yes I will mentally wish it to Mother too! You say so every year after all!)


Bonne fete maman
Tu me manques
Je t'embrass


Dear Mother,

We both hope you have a nice Mothering Sunday, Amy is going to write you a poem, only she says she is keeping it until she sees you as it is private. She says to say to you that we are having a lovely gentle Sunday. Though of course it's not Mothering Sunday yet, we are writing letters ready for next week, but we will be sure to be having a gentle Sunday, they usually are here. We do like them.

Would you believe they only started celebrating Mother's Day last year in Austria ? I thought people had always celebrated it. Evadne said it started about 20 years ago in America, only she always thinks everything started in America, so I don't know if that is true.

They have a great word for it here, though, or at least for the church service : Muttertagsgottesdienste. Amy says that it is hard to rhyme with, so she is writing her poem in English.

With love and hoping to see you soon,

Margia and Amy


To My Wonderful Mother on Mother's Day

With Love from David

Or he would write or say it, if he could talk or do more than scribble! I feel so very lucky to have you both, all my love too, Jem


Dear Mama Joey,

Happy Mother's Day, can I have some biscuits, love from Rufus. (pawprint)


Tante Margerite, bien amie, Happy Mother's Day, love from Robin


Dear Aunt Margery,

I hope that you have a pleasant Mothering Sunday, and that the boys allow you to have an enjoyable day.




Liebe Mutti

Alles Liebe zum Muttertag

Deine Natalie

#scribble in pencil all over bottom of card#


To our Mummy,

With all Our Love on Mother's Day

Love from

D A V I D and #Scribble# (Sybil, isn't she talented, our lovely girl!)


Dearest Aunty,

I hope that you have a wonderful Mother's Day. From the sounds of your letters, the boys do usually treat you to a day of rest, which with 4 of them around is a good thing, I'm sure !

With love from,



Dear Mummy,

Have a great Mother's Day, our first in this new home.
Love you lots,
Daisy and Primula. (only I wrote it, mummy, though Primula signed her name)


Dearest Mademoiselle,

I thought that you might like this card with flowers on, as so many people at the hospital are giving Mother's Day cards, and Joey suggested that it might be a nice surprise for you to get the card now that you are well enough to enjoy getting cards like this.

Love From



Dear Mummy,

We hope you have a lovely Mother's day, and we miss you,

Lots of love from
¥|X (he assures me this says Rix...)
#BscribbleE# (Bride - not bad considering!) and
#scribble over most of card# (Jacky)


Dear Madge,

Happy Mother's Day,

Love from Robin


Dear Madge,

Happy Mother's Day, it seems very strange that this time next year I might have someone who will eventually say that to me. Thank You for being such a wonderful Mother/Sister to me, I hope I can do half as good a job with Babs when He/She arrives as you have !

Love From Joey

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