Miranda Entwhistle's Holidays by Minim

Len's daughter, Miranda, meets Jodie Bakewell, and the pair travel far and wide... but can they prove the truth, or will the world believe the lies?

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School Period: Future
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Genre: Adventure
Series: The Miranda Universe
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1. Chapter 1 - Miranda and Jodie by Minim

2. Chapter 2 - Vanished by Minim

3. Chapter 3 - The visit by Minim

4. Chapter 4 - Time Travel by Minim

5. Chapter 5 - Robin and Hilary by Minim

6. Chapter 6 - To the present by Minim

7. Chapter 7 - At the San by Minim

8. Chapter 8 - Sophie and Friends by Minim

Chapter 1 - Miranda and Jodie by Minim

"Now for our Summer home in England!" Miranda Entwhistle said.


Miranda was the middle child in a family of 3, and an imp of 14. Her elder sister was 16, and was called Sophie. Her younger brother was Harold, Harry for short.


Len Entwhistle, once Len Maynard, was their mother, but like her mother, hated "Mum" or "Mummy" so likewise asked to be called "Mamma".


Miranda, last summer holidays, had made friends with the girl who lived next to their summer home, an unfortunate girl named Jodie Bakewell.


"Harry, stop wriggling. We're nearly there and then we can settle down like before," Len commanded.


When they got there, Con Maynard greeted them cheerfully, and the two let the children ahead while discussing other things.


"I'm awfully concerned about the kid that lives next door to our summer home. The one called Jodie," said Con, whose head wasn't in the clouds this time.


"Why are you concerned about her?" asked Len.




Jodie herself was sitting on her case at the front of her school. She hated her school, but she also hated her holidays. Her dark hair was always in plaits, and her big blue eyes looked through her glasses as her pale skin became a bit more pale. Her mother only cared about one thing, herself. Often she was late picking Jodie up. She didn't care about Jodie one bit, so long as she was fed, housed and clean.


Jodie had hoped to make an escape at the school she was now outside of, but her mother chose it and the lead girls there were like her mother, the rest brainless sheep. Jodie was a clever girl and beat her form in most lessons, by miles, but the others didn't accept this and made the girl as miserable as possible.


Jodie couldn't remember her father, being only 3 when he was put in prison.


When her mum picked Jodie up, there was another man in the car. Jodie didn't know who it was, but took him to be the cruellest-looking guy her mum had ever gone out with. Perhaps he was rich, like all of mum's boyfriends. She didn't know how important he'd be in the holidays to come...




"By the way, Clare and Mel are coming here for a bit in 2 weeks. Rob, Andy and Gerry aren't. Mamma wanted to have quads. She wasn't betting on quins," Len said. "And Felicity is taking a break from Ballet for the while. Her doctor husband insists, and they'll also be here. Felicity has a kid on the way,"


"Does she? I thought she said she never wanted kids!" Con said.


"So she did. Oh, that's the gong for supper," Len said.


When the two got to the dining-room, only Sophie and Harry were there. Miranda wasn't. Len called for her, but she didn't show up. Finally, a slightly red Miranda walked through the front door, with apologies for being late being made. When Len righteously asked where she'd been, Miranda had said "Just... somewhere," and Len left it at that, although later wished she hadn't.


Jodie was taking a stroll in the forest near their home. Her mothers new boyfriend was only interested in her mum, and so despised having Jodie around. Jodie often went to Miranda's house for tea, and stayed there until time for supper. Mums boyfriend often locked Jodie up for ages at a time if she was just one second late. His new discipline styles and techniques didn't co-inside with Jodie's upbringings, and although Jodie never tried a face-to-face battle, he always turned out the bad guy in her stories.


Jodie had decided to meet up with Miranda in the forest, if she could.


Miranda also wanted a ramble in the forest. There were many pretty flowers in the forest, and soon the pair bumped into each other.


"Oh, hi Jode," Miranda called to Jodie.


"Hello Miranda. Aren't the flowers lovely today?"


"They certainly are,"


"Anyway, I need to talk to you about something,"




Jodie woke up in the middle of the night. She wished a drink so she went out the room - or tried to. Her door was locked. She felt a little down, but then an idea struck her. Hairpins. She picked the lock and eventually - or so it seemed to her - the door was open and she could get a drink. Then she saw her plans and case. Her stuff for running away.


She knew this was planned for tomorrow night with an alarm clock under her pillow, but she felt she ought to do it tonight, just in case. She finished packing the case and got all her money together - quite a bit. Then she wrote a note and vanished into the night - really to Miranda's place, and woke Miranda up.


"What is it?" Miranda murmured.


"I'm going tonight,"


"And I'm coming with you,"


Miranda packed a case and wrote another note, then also got money together and departed, with Jodie, into the night...

Chapter 2 - Vanished by Minim

"Miranda's awfully late for breakfast. Sophie, go and see what's keeping her," Len said.

Sophie went. As she went up the stairs and got nearer to Miranda's room, she meant to have a go at her for her time-keeping.


"What's keeping Sophie?" Con asked ages later.


"I don't know. See if you can find her, please, Con,"


As Con got up, Sophie burst into the room, holding the note Miranda had written.


"Mamma, Miranda's run away,"


"What!? Please tell me you're having a joke,"


"I'm not. Honest, I'm not!"


"Let me see the note," Con said.


"Here it is, Auntie Con,"


Con read the note out loud, after asking Sophie to pass a cup of coffee to her Mamma, then go and play outside with their St. Bernard, Rufina, named after Joey's well-loved dog Rufus, and take Harry with her.


"To Mamma,

Sorry about what I am doing. I have run away with Jodie so I can make certain she is safe and sound. She's run away because of family and school matters.

We have plenty of money between us, for she got £2 a week an saved it. And I've got plentiful of my own. Do NOT worry your head over it.

Jode wants to find her dad and live with him and go to the Chalet School, but she doesn't even know what he's like. He's been in prison ever since she was 3 years old, for a case of murder, although both the jury and the inspector in charge of the case seem to have a grudge against him.

So bye from me 'til this happens.

Miranda Entwhistle.

P.S. If Jode can't live with him then I've made her promise to come back.

P.P.S. Expect some postcards"


"But... what will happen to them?"


"I don't know. But what I do know is that you need a good long walk in the forest,"


"What about Sophie and Harry and all of my letters?"


"It's either that or bed. Sophie can look after Harry and your correspondence can wait,"


Len finally gave in after lots of work on Con's part.


When she was in the forest she saw Jodie's mum and her mum's boyfriend kissing each other.


They don't look any concerned about Jodie, Len thought. They're too absorbed with their own pleasure!




Jodie was happy at that moment, getting away from the dreaded house to a cheap but comfortable hotel. She was going to see her father for the first time in 11 years. But at the moment she and Miranda were looking around the town.


"What a group of redheads!" Said Miranda. "And then there's a bushy brown-head and a messy black-head! He had a scar on his forehead,"


"Look into this home. A pair of twins and another girl with a perm!"


"There's two girls here, a Senior and a 12 year old,"


"There are 3 kids here, a girl around our age, a boy with glasses and a baby. Quite cute, the baby is - except those very sharp looking teeth,"


"Ooh, 4 kids and a dog. 3 boys and one girl, it looks like, although one of the boys look a bit female,"


"That's a childrens home! What messy hair that girl has!"


"Is it just my warped imagination, or did a baby fly out the window over at that flat?"


"Just your warped imagination. This building has a fat General with piggy eyes, a fatter Colonel at a desk, and a captain with feathers pouring out of his hat,"


"There's a strict housewife. And that's a dentist I visited once - oh so moody,"


"That's a chocolate factory for you. There are 5 kids in the gates,"


"On the other side, you mean. There's a fat tabby over there, and a kid walking a beagle there,"


The two girls did this all of the way to the police station.




Len, Con, Felicity, Clare, and Mel were in the garden, relaxing under a tree.


"So Miranda has run away, with this girl, because the girl-" Mel said.


"Jodie has a name, you know," said Con.


"Alright then. Jodie wanted to run away because of her mum and boyfriend," Mel said.


"Have you not tried the police?" Clare asked.


"Yes, but after Harry and what he did several times, they mistrust us and I can't blame them. If Jodie's mum was concerned in any way then this wouldn't have happened, and if it did then she would have alerted the police herself. It's been a week," said Len.


"We'll have to find them ourselves," said Con, thinking of something her Mamma had once talked about.

Chapter 3 - The visit by Minim

"May I visit a Mr. George Bakewell, please?" asked Jodie.


"You may. Could you just wait there for a while?"


The two girls sat down.


"I hope it's worth the journey. To hitchhike here it took a week," Miranda said.


Jodie didn't reply. Her eyes were focused on an advert.


"Jode, what are you looking at?" Miranda asked.


"Is your SLOC in prison? Your best friend? Have an inkling that they're innocent? Then look at the truth!

"The Time-traveller 46, found near any prison, is free. It takes you to the time and scene of the crime so you can truly see the innocence or the guilt of that person.

"Video camera rental found nearby. A penny an hour,"


A prison guard came at that moment to escort the visitors to the prisoner.


The girls were talking to Jodie's father, a half-Italian man.


"So what did happen on that day?"


"My mother was Italian, her name was Maria Balbini. She was young when she had a hate against a school,"


"The Chalet School," Miranda murmured.


"Aye, the Chalet School. My Sister, her daughter, she heard of this some point, and did some of the things at her school.


The people there didn't take it as well as the Chaletians, because she nearly got expelled, and mum actually went to the Chalet School, but only as a background character, as it was known.


A Jacob Kingsley was in her class, and resented her every movement.


Then 11 years ago, he became a police officer. At that time your granddad was in a wheelchair, and I took him for a walk.


Jacob Kingsley was patrolling the cliffs where I was taking dad for his walk. Jacob was a clever bloke, and no-one else was about. He took the wheelchair from me and pushed it down the cliff. I was blamed and my sister was distraught,"


"He got away with it?! The evil toad-like cow!"


"He is still part of the police. He is that security guard,"


"Your time is up," This was Jacob Kingsley.


He was supposed to lead the girls out. Instead he led them into a prison cell, and to the girls horror, locked and bolted the door!


"Look at the mess we're in now. That Jacob Kingsley is a demon from Hell, I'm sure of it!" Miranda said.


"This brick's weird. Like there's a secret passage behind it. That is so unoriginal. Always in a book, the adventurers get locked up, then either get out through the door or find a secret passage! But how do we unlock it?" Jodie said.


"Snake language? Hidden button, knob or lever?"


"Don't be silly. Snake language indeed. What have you been reading, Harry Potter?"


"Yes, actually,"


There's a bed attached to the wall, you can see that - unless you're blind! The passage could link to it somehow," Jodie said.


"Unless another police officer comes and sees us we aren't going to get out of here. Ever" Miranda grumbled.


"Things could be a lot worse. There definitely is a secret tunnel here; it's only a question of finding the operative system. I'm going under the bed,"


Jodie wriggled under the bed in the police cell.


"Gosh! What a load of webs!" said she, trying to get in further. Then suddenly, a call of "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" called Miranda to the bedside, but Jodie wasn't there.


"Jodie!" she called, but to no use.


Miranda wriggled under the bed, and then fell down a hole.


"It's very dark down here. We landed on some straw, maybe hay. Miranda, have you got a torch?" Jodie asked.


"Yes, but it's at home. Oh, heck, what are we supposed to do now?"


"Have a sleep? I'm tired from my messiest hair to my tiniest toenail, and I could do with a kip,"


"What about that Jacob Kingsley?"


Who cares? I've got your hand, we can just move left a bit and then he can't land on us, it's too dark to see around so he won't spot us,"


So they had a snooze, and Jodie woke when a burst of light came into the dungeon.

With difficulty she woke Miranda. They made a run for it through one of the many doors surrounding them. It lead into a passage.


"I heard a thud! He's landed whoever he is!" Murmured Jodie.


She looked through the keyhole. "Jacob Kingsley. Oh, blathersnakes! We've got to run!"

And run they did. Fortunately for them, Jacob Kingsley decided on a different passage.


The two breathless girls got to the end of the passage, where another choice of doors awaited them.


"He's not coming here. That one," Miranda said, pointing to a door.


The passage they went in went steadily uphill, until they reached another passage, which Jodie recognised.


"This is the corridor we went through to see dad," she said.

Chapter 4 - Time Travel by Minim

They managed to find their belongings again before going to the time-travel machinery. There were two people, one manning the machine, one at a table covered with video cameras.


"Do you young ladies want to travel back in time, to video any event you wish?"


"Ooh, yes please," said Jodie.


"Want a camera? A penny an hour rates,"


"Definitely," Miranda said.


He passed a camera to Miranda, and then they stepped in the machine. Miranda's mind was full of Jacob Kingsley, and Jodie was thinking nothing but her father.


The man operated the machine, there was a lime-green light, and the pair vanished. "Where are we?" Miranda asked as she stood up and surveyed the area.


"It's a house. Lights, Camera, Action!" Jodie said.


"What does that mean?"


"It's a thing producers say. It means turn the lights on/off to suit the scene, roll the camera, and then the actors to act. I read about it. The camera's rolling, at any rate,"


At that moment, two men and a woman passed. They didn't notice the two girls at all. Then another man passed, pushing a man in a wheelchair.


"Let's follow them. It's a younger version of your dad, definitely," Miranda said.


They followed the men until they reached the cliffs. A younger version of Jacob Kingsley was there. Jodie felt like shouting "Hello" at them, but nothing happened.


Jodie's dad bowed his head at Jacob Kingsley. Then they had a conversation and Jacob grabbed the wheelchair.


"What are you doing?" asked Jodie's dad.


Jacob made no reply. He went to the cliff edge and pushed the wheelchair off the cliff. Jodie caught this on tape, before fainting. Miranda found everything disappearing in a red, swimmy light...


 "Where are we now?" asked Jodie, after being roused by Miranda.


"Never you mind. Drink this water; it will be good for you,"


Jodie obeyed her friend. She felt better for the drink and got to her feet.


They were in a cave. They did not realise that they had been propelled into the past, and now were quite visible to everyone, even the Nazis. They did not realise they were in Austria, or that the time travelling machine had gone wrong on them, after everyone else time-travelling had gone to their own time again. They didn't realise anything in that cave.




"Felicity has done it this time, make no mistake," said Con to Len, over the phone.


"What's been going on over there?" Len asked.


"Quads. Felicity has quads!"


"Really? Or are you pulling my leg?" Len asked.


It's true, alright. And all are future Chalet School pupils,"


"They're too young to be thought of as school pupils yet! They're babies still,"


"Oh, and Cecily's engaged," Con said.

Chapter 5 - Robin and Hilary by Minim

A voice reached the two girls. "Robin! Stop a minute! I think we're being followed!"


A couple of footsteps followed, and then the sound started to get quieter.


"Where did you think of putting the paper?" the same girl asked.


"In the stone heap over there," a younger voice from who Miranda thought was the Robin the other girl had mentioned said, "There is a tiny crevice, and Jo and I thought it would be a very safe hiding-place. What do you think, Hilary?"


The girl called Hilary pondered for a moment. "It probably would have been," she said, "But not now, Rob. Whoever was after us - and I'll bet it was that sickening small boy - knows of this place. He could easily show someone the way here, and they'd soon pull down that heap of stones and find our vow. I'm sure the Nazis would make a fearful fuss about even a schoolgirl's affair."


"Well, what are we to do, then?" asked Robin. "Take it back with us? But then how shall we keep it safe?"


"We must take it back with us," said Hilary. "Can you bear the darkness a little, Rob? If so, I'll switch this thing off. It's newly charged, but it would be a pity to use it unnecessarily, when we may need it rather badly later on."


"Why? What do you mean?" asked Robin.


"Well, whoever was following us seems to have given that up; but I'm fairly certain he'll be sitting at the mouth of this place, waiting to catch us. In that case, the list is unsafer than ever. So I want to see if we can possibly find another way out.


"I don't think there is one. Joey and I looked, but we couldn't find one," Robin said.


"Quite likely. But then it wasn't a case of have-to. This is. Now, Robin, you get behind those stones, and stay there. I'm going to explore and see what I can find."


Although Jodie and Miranda did not know it, Hilary was looking at the passage they were in.


Hilary called Robin to her side.


"Can you hold me?" asked Robin.


"Hold two of you, kiddy. On to my back! Now, get to my shoulders. Right? Then take the torch and see if you can flash it round that cleft. I'll steady you. Carefully, now. We don't want an accident in this hole."


Robin reached up and saw into the cleft. Jodie and Miranda could see in the torches light.

Jodie looked at the girl. She looked quite pretty.


Robin was shocked to see the two girls. The three didn't utter a word until Hilary called, "What's there, Rob?"


"There's two girls, in a passage," Robin managed to say. Hilary lowered her.


"Could they be Nazis?" Robin said.


"I don't know, it's hard to tell, especially as I haven't seen them," Hilary replied, looking at the cleft.


Miranda crawled to the cleft so no-one heard her. Jodie followed her.


"HI THERE!" Miranda called.


"There is no need to shout," whispered Jodie.


"Hello. Who are you?" asked Robin.


"I'm Miranda and I came from the future. This is Jodie, also from the future," Miranda said.


"Are you Nazis?" the question passed Robins lips before she could stop it.


"There aren't any Nazis in the future, so far as I'm aware," Jodie said.


"Oh?" was all Robin could say.


"We ought to get up there," Hilary said.


Robin clambered up Hilary and jumped up into the passage.


"Rob, are you all right? What is it like?" Hilary asked.


"Half left, I would have thought," Jodie said, cheerfully.


"I was speaking to Robin," said Hilary.


"Ever so much lighter," said Robin, trying to make peace. "Can you get up, Hilary? I believe we can get out this way, and these two ought to come with us. There must be a big hole somewhere, and it faces to the west, for the sunlight is pouring in,"


"Rob! I'm going to toss up the girdle from my frock. See if you can find a knob at either side of the opening to fasten it - clove-hitch knots, mind. Then I'll jump, and if it holds I think I can haul myself up. Are there any knobs?"


Jodie found a knob. "There's one here," she said.


"And one a little higher," Robin said. "It won't be straight. Will that matter? It is not much,"


"So long as it isn't too squint! Here you are; catch!" Hilary tossed up the bundle, and Robin tied it on the knob, and it was secure.


"It's ready, Hilary. Can you manage?"


"I've got to. Shine the light on it, Rob, so I have some idea where to grab. Now then! I'm coming!" and she managed to get up, and reached there just as Joey entered the cave, although the girls weren't to know.


The 4 girls went down the passage, and reached the hole. There was a bush in the way.

Hilary produced her scout-knife, and cut a chunk. They were quiet as they could. Hilary didn't cut much, and the girls wriggled through. Their hair did make it look as if they'd been dragged through a hedge backwards.


"We can't stop a minute!" Hilary said, grabbing Robins hand and Jodie's hand. "It will be dark in no time, and I haven't the faintest idea where we are."


"I have, though." Robin said. "We are just about ten minutes from the summit, and it is a straight path down to the Sonnalpe. Also, Hilary, it will be a starry night, and the moon rises early. We shall be quite safe. But had we not better return to the picnic place?"


"No, straight home is our best bet. Don't talk, you three. Keep your breath for the journey. You'll need it," Hilary said.


The 4 girls marched down the path, Hilary setting the pace, and all 4 girls at one point or another felt they'd never get there. Then they saw the twinkling lights of a car.


"Hilary! And our Vogelein! What are you doing out here at this hour? And who are the two other girls? I do not recognise them,"


"Gottfried!" cried Robin. "Oh, but I am glad to see thee! We have been having a picnic, and Hilary and I were seperated from the rest, and Hilary would come down instead of going to seek them."


"Oh, and these two we picked up when we were seperated. Their names are Miranda and Jodie." Hilary added.


"Now we will have you all home speedily. Have the others reached school yet?" Gottfried asked.


"I've no idea," said Hilary. "I shouldn't think so. But if we go back to school, someone could take the car and go to meet them. I knew Rob mustn't be out in the night-air, so I just hustled her back, and I don't know about these two," Hilary said.


"And were quite right," The Doctor said. "Our Blumchen is not a night-blooming flower. She is best in the house then,"


He dropped off Hilary at the school, and Jodie and Miranda. Hilary started to explain Jodie and Miranda to Miss Annersley. Miss Annersley just shoved the 3 girls to bed, after hunting out beds available for Jodie and Miranda, and prepared to see Jodie and Miranda in the morning, at any rate.


"Now, girls, what are your full names?" Miss Annersley asked.


"Miranda Josephine Entwistle,"


"Jodie Samantha Hilary Jane Maria Bakewell,"


"How old are you both?"


"14 and 3 months," Jodie said.


"14 years 3 months," Miranda said.


They looked at each other.


"Right. You came from the future, you said?"


"Totally from the future. And isn't it the late 1930s?" Jodie said.


"Yes," Miss Annersley said shortly.


"So the Nazis are about here, aren't they? One of Grandmamma's books told of an escape from them, and she talked about it about being based on fact. She's still a brilliant author, and she was at the Chalet School but now she isn't." Miranda said really quickly.


"Parents names?" Miss Annersley said, not understanding Miranda's speak.


"Reginald Entwistle and Helena Maynard,"


"Peter Robertson and Joan Dill,"


"Right, well, - oh, the ‘phones going," Miss Annersley said. "Hello. No? Oh dear. And they've been engaged for about a month. Accusations of Espionage? Can't people go for an innocent picnic sometimes? And most of them are children. Yes, it's best if we move the school, but where? Oh, but the pupils come first. Oh? Good decision. Margot can't stand too much. France, yes. Bye," and put the phone down.


"Why don't you two join the party going down to Spartz to shop? If you want to go, then you'll have to promise to be good," The girls promised, and joined the crew last-minute with Robin and Joey. Also going were Bill, Maria Marani, Jeanne, Evadne, Cornelia, Lorenz Maico, and Daisy.

Chapter 6 - To the present by Minim

The shopping was done, and at 16 o'clock they were in the Gasthaus, drinking coffee and eating cakes and fancy bread twists with a good appetite, except Jodie, who disliked coffee and felt as if the time-travel was going to happen soon again.


There was a chorus of yells, hoots, and brutal laughter.


"What on earth's going on?" exclaimed Joey, looking over Evadne. And down the side street came an old man, with long grey beard, running for his life, while rotten fruit, stones and other missiles followed him.


"Why, it's Herr Goldmann, the jeweller!" cried Jo, and it clicked in Miranda's mind - Grandmamma was here, and so had to be Joey. But she's not old now. But then, 40 was old to Miranda.


"What are they doing to him? The Brutes! Rob! What are you after? Come back at once! Oh, my hat!" Joey cried, and then followed Robin. All the girls followed her, except Miranda and Jodie. Joey was shouting at the Nazis using her vocabulary.


"You low cads! You cowards! How dare you chase an old man like this? Twenty of you against one! You - you huns! You - Hans Bocher! Last winter, when you were all starving, didn't Frau Goldmann send soup and coffee everyday to your home? And didn't Herr Goldmann give you a job so that you had a regular wage? And this is the way you show your gratitude? You deserve to starve!" Joey shouted.


"He's a Jew! Jews have no right to live!" Declared the sullen Hans Bocher. "Give place, Fraulein Bettany, and hand over the old Jew to us! Better take care or you'll be in trouble for this."


Cornelia went forward to attack the Nazi with her language, but Miranda was outside by then, and stopped her so she could get her bit in, and said it in clear German, which she had a lot, even in their time the girls had to be trilingual.


"When it comes to the end of the day, we're all just flesh and bone, and no flesh is better than any other. Anyway, Join the Nazis and you join being defeated. I'm from the future and I know you will be defeated," she said simply, before letting Cornelia and her Americanisms take over.


And then the red swimmy light came, and Miranda and Jodie disappeared very suddenly.


"Jodie, wake up! It's Okay, we're back in our own time," Miranda said. "I gave the camera to the police, your dads been let out, Jacob Kingsley has been locked up. I've got something else to say, but until you're awake and alert I won't say it,"


Jodie sat up, smiling, but Miranda did not smile back. Something was wrong, Jodie knew it.


"What's happened? Is dad alright?" Jodie asked, with panic in her voice.


"He's alright, Mamma walked into him and they're going home once they've got us safe and sound. But the time-travel guy has given us some bad news. The machine's breaking down, and if it continues, It will be a threat to the world. Anyone in a 70 mile radius will be propelled into the past, and the illness will pass on to all of the time-travel machines throughout the world, and not a soul will be on the planet. And in time-travel, you never age or die until you're back in your own time," Miranda said.


"It needs to be properly destroyed or fixed, then," Jodie said.


"If it's destroyed, there's a thing that means that all the people who have used this machine die or are trapped in the time travel tunnels forever. And we can't fix it because we don't know how it got broken. There could be a chance if we knew how to fix it, but at the moment it looks like everyone will be stuck in the past or several hundred people die,"


"I think I know something about this. Come on. We're going to visit Jacob Kingsley," Jodie said.


The girls made their way to Jacob Kingsley's cell. They arrived and looked at him.


"What do you snivelling babies want?" he asked in a sneering fashion.


"What did you do to the time-travelling machine, and how can it be fixed?" Miranda asked firmly.


"Why should I tell you, you little devils?" he sneered.


It took an hour to get him to reveal the secret. When it looked grimmer than it could be, Jodie got some inspiration.


"Well, either you have to bound around the past forever, get destroyed when the thing is destroyed, or tell us what we wish to know," Jodie said, a very slight quiver in her voice.


He told them what he had done, and the girls relayed it to the time-travel manager.


"Ooh. Oh dear. This means only one thing," he said. "Two people must go back in time and then come back. Doesn't matter how quickly it is done,"


"I'll do it," said Jodie.


"But doing it will be very dangerous. There is a high death risk, and even if you don't die, you would fall violently ill, and that could kill you," the manager said. "It isn't my job to let children die,"


"I don't care; the lives of other people matter to me the most, and if I do die hardly anyone would care," Jodie said, very strongly and stubbornly.


"She is right. After all, two people or hundreds of people to die, I'd rather have the first option. Even if we do die, it would be very different if many people died, when it could be prevented and let the world go forward,"


"If I could get it stable then I could destroy it without people dying, but I would like to know your parents are accepting of this,"


"It's us, the world into limbo, or hundreds of people dying. There isn't any time to be picky. And there is a chance of us surviving, but destructing the machine is sure to kill more than that" Miranda said.


"Alright, but wear these," He said, pointing to two what looked like spacesuits. "They'll lower the death risk by a little,"


The two girls stood in the time machine.


"Are you sure of this?" the manager asked.


"This means you can get it stable and destroy it without any more fuss," Jodie said.


He pulled the lever and the two girls disappeared.


He worked as fast as he could to get the system stabilised, and succeeded.


The two girls were in a whirl. They could hardly see anything except the red swimmy light, although now and again they saw part of a scene. A lake bluer than blueness, snail-setting on a window, two girls falling through ice. As each picture flashed the girls got sicker and sicker, not from the pictures. Jodie especially was ill.


Escape from Nazis, a lot of bombing, an island, the Oberland, Joey stuck in a box... with the bombing Jodie was unconscious, but Miranda held out until the box incident. Without realising this, the girls spun stealthily along, until the system was stable and they weren't time-travelling. Very quickly they were taken to the English branch of the San.

Chapter 7 - At the San by Minim

Len Entwhistle was sitting in between the two beds containing Miranda and Jodie, looking white and wan. It had been 2 days since they had arrived, yet neither had aroused and Len had worried herself almost sick. Reg came in and hugged Len, before talking to her.


"Come on," he said. "You need a nice hot meal and a good sleep, and you'll fell all the better for it,"


Len protested at the idea, but Reg was firm about it. "If you carry on like this, then you won't be any use to anyone. Con or Matron can watch for now, anyhow,"


"A-are t-they very likely to - to..." She trailed off, unable to finish the sentence.


"If God sees any reason to take them from us He will. But if we pray long and hard enough He may leave them here. But whatever He decides is for the best and we have to live with it as happily as possible," a new voice said.


"Margot? But weren't you in an order? What's happened?"


"The news is all over the world. They're inter-national heroes. But it is being said that they are in the clasp of death, and the order is half-making me to visit. Aunts and Nieces are counted as close family, and you're allowed to get leave when a close family member is found dead or is close to dying. I got here a while back and rested before coming to see you. You could do with a rest and a warm bath yourself! I've never seen you that pale ever. God will do what is right for the pair. Hi Con! Look after Len, please, give her a decent meal and see that she eats it, let her have a hot bath and then make sure she has a rest. Yes I'm supposed to be with my order, I'll tell you about it later!" Margot called.


Con nearly had to drag Len away, but she managed. Then Margot spoke again. "What's happening medically, Reg?"


"Time-tunnel disease or similar. Most people who get it die with it straight, and most survivors of that pass away quickly afterwards if they've got it," He said. "Most cases don't get medical help, though. But even those which do are likely to pass away, although it is a bit less likely," Reg said.


"What about these two cases?" Margot asked.


"Well, both need proper medical care. Under this, Miranda should make a full recovery being the sturdy girl she is. It would take quite a bit of time but as long as she doesn't relapse or slip away now she'll likely be totally cured this time next year. But Jodie's another tale altogether. She is rather delicate, and has a weakness to time travelling, I gather. She'd be better off in the Swiss branch,"


"Move them both there, then. Well, why not? I mean, I could stay with Mother until the mortal peril status is rubbed clean out, and you've got your own chalet there,"


"Yes, could mean the difference between life and death for Jodie. I'll see what I can do,"


He managed very easily about moving the girls to Switzerland. They went slowly, trying to keep the two girls from moving around a lot. They went by ambulance rather than train, never going at high speeds, and they arrived to the Swiss San two days before the school came. Sophie listened to the quiet snores from the cubicle next to hers. She couldn't sleep. She loved her little sister, and it was hard to think that she could slip away. She longed to talk to someone, but who would understand?


Midnight chimed. Her fear was ever growing. Would they survive? The time went slower than a snail. Tears pricked the back of her eyes. She cried silently, and fell asleep at last.

Joan Bakewell was all over the place. For the first time for 20 years she was thinking of someone other than herself. She felt guilty about Jodie. She felt it was all her fault that both girls were close to death, and no-one would forgive her if that happened. She dumped her boyfriend and flew over to Switzerland by the first plane available.


From the airport she made her way to the San and went all the way to the room Jodie was in. She got a shock, for her husband was there. She didn't say anything. She just went to stand next to him. They held hands and kissed a gentle kiss before looking at the motionless girl in the bed, with worried eyes.


Len and Margot noticed a flicker of Miranda's eyelashes, and Margot called Reg in; he was passing at the time.


"Right," he said.


Miranda's eyes opened. "Hello," she said weakly. Then, on seeing Margot, "Who are you?"


"I'm your Aunt Margot. The one in the Order," she said. "Now drink this,"


Miranda drank obediently. "How are you feeling?" asked Len.


"Groggy," was the reply.


Len passed a bucket, just in time, and Miranda was violently sick in it before dropping to sleep again.


"Thank God! Now we just need the careful nursing to come in, and she ought to recover. Margot, send for Nurse Bunn, please," Reg said.


Len burst into tears with the news. The relief was momentous, and Margot took her to bed before hunting up Nurse Bunn, then she called the school, and Rosalie Dene relayed the news to Miss Annersley, who got someone to ask Sophie to go to her.

Chapter 8 - Sophie and Friends by Minim

One of Sophie's friends asked "What have you done now?"


"You know as much as I do, Al," Sophie replied, white as snow with fright and suspicion.


She went to the study, heart racing faster than a horse galloping.


Miss Annersley gave the news to her, and then handed her over to Matey.


Some of her compatriots discussed her meeting with the heads.


"It's mysterious, isn't it?" Alicia Benson said.


"I do hope it isn't bad news about Miranda. Everybody knows about her and Jodie in the school, at any rate. Al, couldn't you guess that?" Samaris King said.


"I always forget they're sisters. I found it hard to believe when I found it out, Sam," Al replied. "She does have a right to hear the news first, but it could be good news. Sam, you've always been a pessimist!"


"I'm just trying to be realistic, Al. You've always been far too much of an optimist," Sam retorted.


"Oh heck, shut them up, Vanna! When they get onto the Optimism/Pessimism argument there's no getting them off for ages,"


"Don't worry about it, Penny, I will," Vanna said. "That shut them up," came in a low undertone.


The girls heard the news after supper, with an added reminder to pray. Sophie Entwistle went down to the san to see her little sister. She wanted to see her deeply.


From reception she made her way to the room Miranda was in. She knocked softly on the door, and then walked in.


Miranda was pale, and she didn't seem strong like before, rather the opposite. Sophie needed to think of something to talk about.


"Hello!" Sophie said, merrily.


"Hello," came the soft, quiet reply.


"You okay?"


"Yeah. What they been saying at school?"


"They're kinda idolising you both. Bit amazing, practically, what you did. But they don't know the truth, or not the whole truth, anyhow,"


"Tell them, then. This is the whole truth," and she summarised the whole tale.


"Well, that was brave of you both. Want to write about it for the Chaletian?" She joked.


"I'd rather pass it onto Jodie. But if she'd not shown the bravery she did over the machine, I'd never had joined in at all,"


"Do you get news of Jode?" Sophie asked.


"All the time. Apparently she's doing better than expected, and is out of the danger zone, with careful nursing,"


"Get to do anything interesting?"


"Sleep most of the time," was the reply. "Nurse is beckoning to you. I think it's time for you to go. See you!"


"Bye. Get better quickly!" And Sophie went back to school, where she was molested by her own and Miranda's friends.


A quick "Miranda's okay, honest!" assured the IV formers, and they went off to do their own thing.


Sophie told Miranda's tale to a handful of her friends, Al and Sam, who accused each other friendly of optimism/pessimism, Vanna and Nessa, who had once been kidnapped, and Penny, who always had been picked on before going to the Chalet School.


Sophie told them Miranda's tale. Miranda and Jodie were doing a jigsaw puzzle in Miranda's room. Nurse was watching them, and at that moment Len came in, with cake.


"Want some cake?" Len asked.


"The cake is a lie,"


"I knew I shouldn't have introduced her to Portal!" Miranda said, rolling her eyes.


"But I am decided on one thing," Jodie said.


"What is it?" Len asked.


"I'm not sure I want to be Jodie anymore. I have 4 other names to choose from,"


"Do your parents agree?"


"Quite. I could just become Samantha, Hilary, Jane or Maria. But Jodie is more of my past. The times of unhappiness, misery, not fitting in. I think I will be Samantha, Sam or Sammy for short,"


"It'll have to be Sammy then! One of Sophie's friends is Sam, short for Samaris, and there were two Sams with those two names in the dark and distant past. They were related, too," Miranda said.


"Well, Sophie's friend Nessa is interested in me, but for the life of me I don't know why," Sammy said.


"Well, Sammy, Nessa would have run away too with her brother, if she hadn't been kidnapped. And then Vanna was kidnapped as well. It's a story, alright,"

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