Where is Felicity? by cal562301
Summary: Narnia crossover. Takes place some years after Lucy goes to the Chalet School
Categories: St Scholastika's House Characters: Felicity Maynard
School Period: Switzerland
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: Crossover
Series: None
Chapters: 12 Completed: No Word count: 9837 Read: 29177 Published: 19 Jul 2011 Updated: 20 Jul 2011
Story Notes:
I am reposting this here, because I hope to finally complete it, which I never managed on the CBB!
Chapter 1 - A Surprise Encounter by cal562301
‘Has anyone seen Felicity?’ asked Len, coming into the Middles’ common room.

‘No,’ said Lucy Peters, one of Felicity’s close friends. ‘I haven’t seen her since last night, as we’re not in the same dorm any more.’

‘Well, if you see her, warn her that Matey is on the rampage about her drawers,’ said Len. ‘She left them in such a mess this morning.’

‘That’s not like Felicity,’ thought Lucy. ‘She’s usually such a tidy and conscientious person.’

Len, meanwhile, spent another five frustrating minutes looking all over the house for Felicity, to no avail. ‘If she’s gone off somewhere without permission, she’ll be in even bigger trouble,’ Len thought to herself. ‘I’m not sure I’ll be able to get her out of the row, unless she has a very good reason.’

* * * *

At Fruhstűck, it became obvious that Felicity was not the only one who was missing. Another girl, Cassandra Pevensie-Ross, who was new that term, was also nowhere to be found. She was in the next cubicle to Felicity in Pansy. A fact which had caused some resentment in Felicity and Lucy, because Lucy had been moved to Gentian dormitory, away from her friend, to make room for her.

‘But they were there first thing,’ said Jane Carew, the dorm prefect. ‘I saw them and they did their dorm duties as normal. I don’t understand how Felicity’s drawers got in such a mess.’ She was particularly worried, because it was her first term as a dorm prefect and she wanted to do well.

All of the prefects and the staff who could be spared were recruited to conduct a thorough search.

‘We’ve looked everywhere in the house and the grounds,’ reported Len to Miss Annersley, a couple of hours later. ‘And they’re nowhere to be found. No one seems to have seen them since lights out last night.’

‘They can’t just have disappeared into thin air,’ Miss Annersley replied. ‘And I don’t want to have to upset you mother just now. She has enough to worry about with Phil. It’s just as well you’re all boarders this term.’

But ‘disappear into thin air’ was exactly what they seemed to have done.

* * * *
Felicity and Cassandra had been the last to leave the dorm that morning. As they were going down the stairs, Cassandra had realised that she had forgotten a clean handkerchief, so she had returned to the dorm. Although Felicity knew that this wasn’t really allowed, she felt a certain responsibility for the new girl, whom she was ‘sheepdogging’, so she accompanied Cassandra.

When they entered the dorm, they found a strange-looking creature turning out Felicity’s drawers. ‘I know I left my umbrella here somewhere,’ he said.

‘Mr Tumnus!’ cried Cassandra, who had recognised him at once. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Pardon me, oh daughter of Eve,’ said that worthy gentleman, prescribing a deep bow. ‘You have the advantage of me, for you know my name, yet I know not who you are.’

‘I’ve heard so many tales of you from my great-grandmother, Lucy,’ said Cassandra excitedly. ‘I’ve always wanted to meet you and to visit Narnia.’

‘You mean the Great Queen Lucy, one of the four High Kings and Queens of Naria?’ said Mr Tumnus. ‘I have heard many tales about her, although she lived long ago in my 20x great grandfather’s time.’

‘Of course, Narnia time isn’t like ours,’ said Cassandra. ‘I always forget that. But what are you doing here?’

‘I was sent to fetch you,’ said Mr Tumnus. ‘For the White Witch is on the march again and Narnia needs you.’

‘What about me?’ said Felicity. ‘I know nothing of all of this…’

As she spoke, the dorm disappeared and they found themselves in a different place entirely…
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