Scar Returns to the Chalet School by Minim

It's Scar's second term at the Chalet School, and her two greatest friends, Ellie and Mary, have joined her. But what weird things are bound to happen?

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School Period: Future
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Series: Scar at the Chalet School
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1. Chapter 1 - Travelling by Minim

2. Chapter 2 - Start of Term by Minim

3. Chapter 3 - Form Rep by Minim

4. Chapter 4 - Conversation by Minim

5. Chapter 5 - Prep by Minim

6. Chapter 6 - Ideas by Minim

7. Chapter 7 - Elsie by Minim

8. Chapter 8 - End of Term by Minim

Chapter 1 - Travelling by Minim
"Mum. Did you give it in? What did they say?" Scar frantically said, seeing her mother walk inside.

"And hello to you too," Scars mother said. "I'll talk later. Soph is yelling and your brothers need collecting from the station. You can come, and we'll take Soph with us. We'll have lunch somewhere in the town, and then we can come back and while the boys are playing games, I can tell you all you need to know,"

Scar enjoyed the family lunch, but wanted to get to business with Mum as soon as possible.

"Yes, you finally get me to yourself. Now, the Big Boss liked all your notes and whatnot, but is saying you need to go back to the school for at least until the rest of the year,"

Scar cheered.

"And I think you should stay there until you've finished properly altogether. And when Vi and young Soph are old enough, they'll go, too. I have it all sorted. Mary is going now, and Ellie says she's going, too. And another couple of girls around are going, including the one obsessed with pointy things,"


"Hi whichever Amy you are. Hi Nemone."

"It's Ameris," said Amelia.

"Yes, Amelia's gone to sit in the compartment," said Nemone.

"Scar!" called someone.

"Mary! Good to see you again. Where's Ellie?"

Nemone and Amelia looked from Mary to Scar.

"Scar! Mary! Good to see you, Scar!"

"And you, Ellie,"

Ellie walked over to the others.

"I'll introduce," said Scar. "Nemone and Ameris, this is Mary, and this is Ellie. Mary and Ellie, this is Nemone and Ameris. Ameris is one of twins, and they're identical,"

"Like the two Sams," said Ellie.

"But they're not due at the Chalet School until the autumn term," Mary said.

"My little sisters," explained Ellie. "I'm the middle sister,"

"And I'm the youngest in my family," said Mary.

"We're going on now," said Laura, with Lind and Melody. "Amelia, I see you're twin has bagged a compartment. Let's go,"

"It's Ameris," said Nemone. "But shouldn't we wait for Anne?"

"No, she's not coming by this train. She was staying at Georges and George lives along the coast somewhere, I'm not exactly sure where," said Lind.

"Where did I leave my bag?" said Ellie suddenly.

"On your back, you goop," Mary replied.

"Oh, yes. Sorry," said Ellie.

"Who are these two?" asked Laura, who was very careful on who she let in her group.

"Oh, this is Ellie, and this is Mary, from my old school. Anyway, are we getting on this train or not?" Scar said.

"Yes, hurry," said Laura, as she led onto the train and into the compartment still bagged by Ameris.

"Elsie still not talking to you, then?" said Melody.

"No, not since last term," said Scar.

"They had a row," said Lind to Mary and Ellie.

"We know," said Mary.

"Scar wrote to us a couple of times and told us all about it," said Ellie.

"She is a pain,"

"Always using the full name,"

"Asking thousands of questions,"

"So, we'll give our full names to you lot now, shall we?"

Lind and Melody stared.

"I'm Mary Ruby Muriel Meadows,"

"I'm Eleanor Patricia Louise Harolds,"

"I'm Scarlett Chelsea Angela Ronaldson," said Scar, joining in.

"Riiggghhhhttttt," said Lind.

"I know a Helena who goes by Len," Melody said. "Why don't you?"

"She doesn't go by Len,"

"Because I dislike it,"

"And her mother always called her Ellie, so she stuck by it,"

Elsie went in the compartment for some reason, and all went quiet.

"What do you want?" asked Mary, coldly.

"This isn't where you're settled," Ellie followed on.

"Leave us, Elsie Lanna Sarah Ivy," Scar said.

"I told you, Scarlett Chelsea Angela, not to call me by the full," Elsie said.

"Well, you're not setting a good example,"

"Call any one of us by our full's and we'll all call you by yours,"

"So, what is it that you want?"

"I want to say hello to the new girls,"


"But we already know about you,"

"I wrote to them and told them all about you,"

"What are your names?"

"I'm Mary Ruby Muriel Meadows. Death to those who use the whole!"

"I'm Eleanor Patricia Louise Harolds. Ellie to you, or a curse on your head!"

"I'm Scarlett Chelsea Angela Ronaldson. Use the whole, you'll regret!"

"I'm Ambrose Maisie Barbie Elisaveta Roper. Use it, and you'll wish you were facing a rampaging bull!"

"Hi, Amber!"


"Nice to see you again,"

"And you," said Amber, joining in.

Elsie gaped.



"To your own,"


Elsie left.
Chapter 2 - Start of Term by Minim
Miss Baker, the secretary, was standing outside the school watching out for the coaches that took the girls from the station to here. She was obeying Miss Felgate, and was playing her last message in her head.

"There are two new girls this term," Miss Felgate had said. "Just send them to me, along with two people they're already with. It's best to give sheepdog duties to those who have already met the new girls.

So Joan Baker did what was asked of her.

Joan Baker was never properly accepted into the main Chalet School. Because of her lower-class ideas, she never was found a good character by EBD. But she had applied for this job because she couldn't get a job anywhere else.

It was alright here. She was accepted here, and even if her interests were boys and make up, as a person she was liked, or, at least, respected as she should be.

She saw the coaches and prepared to do her job. When everyone went off and into the building, she saw the two new girls with Scar and Amber.

"Hi, you four!" called Miss Baker. "You're Mary and Eleanor. Which way round is it?"

"I'm Mary,"

"I'm Ellie,"

"I'm Scar,"

"I'm Amber,"

"I know you two. Could you all go to Miss Felgate, please?"





And so Amber had to sheepdog Mary, and Scar Ellie.


Elsie didn't like the foursome of Scar, Amber, Mary and Ellie. She disliked Scar and Amber, and as for the two new girls, they were plainly a bit weird, in her mind.

The next day Ellie and Mary had small tests in each subject, and the rest of the school had unpacking to do. New girls unpacked in the afternoon.

Scar and Amber were surprised to see they had a new English teacher.

Miss Maynard was tall and dark. She didn't appear to be anything to shout about, but she was the younger sister of M. Constance Maynard, who was a big success.

Cecily Maynard, taking a small lesson for the girls, looked at who was who. She didn't see the new girls that day, but she did manage to see the rest.

The other teachers seen that day were the same as last term. And Miss Felgate announced that day that the Sale was to be that term, and if anyone had any suggestions for a theme they could submit it to the Sale committee, who were a bunch of non-prefect sixth-formers and a representative of each of the other forms, lead by the Hobbies Pree.

"Who's going to be our representative?" asked Scar, later.

"We'll have a vote in class tomorrow, lead by out form tutor," said Lind.
Chapter 3 - Form Rep by Minim
They had Miss Richardson as their form tutor. Miss Richardson was the adopted sister of the well-famed M. Constance Maynard.

"So, it is Sale term here, I presume? It was summer term in the mainstream CS. But let's not dwell on that. Our form will need a representative on the Sale board. This representative will from now on be the general Form Representative, so will have no other duties or responsibilities, and this arrangement will stay until the representative is in Lower VI, conditions permitting,"

There was a general hum of understanding.

"New Girls are included, they may try for position and vote on who should be Form Rep. This isn't about voting for your friends or avoiding those who you hate, but those who give the best argument on what they'll do."

There was a general nod on understanding, although someone had their hand up.

"What is it?" asked Ruey.

"Is this a new arrangement?"

"Not really. From your form and onwards, there is one set Form Rep, partially because by this form you don't get new girls until Lower VI. Anything else?"

There was a shake of heads.

"So those who would like to be in the running for Form Rep, could you please stand up?"

Scar and Elsie stood up at exactly the same time, followed by Ellie, Mary, Melody, Amber, and some other girl, the leader of the girls who only spoke about boys and make-up.

Each stated how they would benefit the Form if they were the Form Rep, and then the voting began.

"The votes are in, with amazing results. I thought you'd vote for your friends, as per usual," and with this, some of the girls blushed. "But no, the Form Rep is..."

A drumbeat was played by one or two of the girls.


Everyone was a bit shocked by this, but then a small round of applause broke out.

"And we have to have a deputy for some of the work and standing in when the normal Rep can't be in for something or other."

"As per usual, this is the person who was second place in the voting. And the Dep. Form Rep is... Elsie!"

There was a sarcastic clap. Scar wondered if people had voted for her just for the hell of it.
"Of course, if these people are found to be irresponsible in their duties they will be demoted and others, who I've noted, will take her place,"

No-one was bitter against the votes and so on. Each won fair and square. Or did they...?

Ellie was very surprised by the result, and acted it later in the common-room. Elsie was gloating. Mary, Melody, the leader of the hair/make-up group (Pearl), and Amber were getting a bit annoyed.

Scar just ignored Elsies gloating, settling into a game of chess with Lind, who almost always won.

"Ellie is very surprised about the result, isn't she?" said Lind, taking one of Scars pawns.

"Yes, she couldn't be more surprised," said Scar, moving her queen.

"But Elsie is putting on a gloating act," Lind said, taking a knight.

"She would! But Ellie's got her head screwed on right. She took the gloat out of a massive boy once," Scar replied, pondering. "She's lazy in lessons she doesn't really think will do her any good in the future, though."

"But what does Ellie want to do?" said Lind, leaning back.

"No idea," answered Scar, moving a castle. It was very heavy and large.

"Wrong castle," said Lind, noticing that Scar had managed to move, not a chess piece, but a real-life castle.

How Scar had got to Llansteffan and manage to move Llansteffan Castle, no-one ever knew. It was just a strange addition to a strange drabble.

Scar was revelling in the time she had been using Pivot Stickfigure Animator. (For those who do not know, Pivot, as it is often called, is free computer software that you can use to make animations.)

"Of course I know my economics!" said Elsie, indignantly.

"Sure you do," said Scar, unexpectedly. "But do you know your E-cow-nomics?"

"E-cow-nomics?" repeated a small group.

"Yes, E-cow-nomics,"

"There's no such thing," said Elsie, confidently. "You're making it up,"

"I am not," said Scar. "I seriously have seen a poster with the title of E-cow-nomics. Economic models explained with cows. You see?"

"Right," said an unconvinced Elsie.
Chapter 4 - Conversation by Minim
The form room was blaze with talking. The mistress taking the lesson had been detained and it would be 5 minutes at the very least until she could go to them. Laura was trying to get silence.
In one corner Ellie was trying to talk with Elsie, but over the din it was impossible.

"Oh, shut up, you lot!" shouted Laura. Nothing happened so she flumphed down and nodded to someone.

The girl Laura had nodded to started to dance. Instantly silence fell, because no-one wanted to watch this girl perform a striptease.

"Thank you," said Laura. "Do we really want a prefect coming in here to stop our howls?"

Most people shook their heads.

"Aroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" called the odd one out.

"Stand at the back of the classroom, with folded arms. Everyone else, get the textbook and your workbooks out,"

The class were stunned that Laura was acting like a teacher, and nothing happened.

"Are you all deaf?" said Laura.

Everyone obeyed. Laura was too great a force.

"For prep, we were all told to make sure we knew our times tables up to 12. Most of us did this 3 years ago, but we may have forgotten, and some of the class weren't here then."

"All of the class except you, me, Melody and Lind weren't here then," said the girl at the back. "Oh, and Miss is right behind you,"


Ellie and Elsie were talking in the corner of the common-room.

"The first meeting of the Sale committee is in 5 days," said Ellie. "How do we get the others to suggest ideas?"

"I don't have an idea, you tell me," Elsie said.

"Yeah. You need to help, you know. Half of the work is yours. I take it you've been gloating at your new position?"

"Uh, well..." was all Elsie had to say.

"Don't. It's pointless and I've got the better position. No-one will like you if you gloat about a thing,"
Elsie flushed slightly.

"So, that aside, we need to come up with how to get peoples ideas for a Sale,"

They had a bit of silence for a bit, while thinking hard.

"How about a box for suggestions?" said Elsie. "We can have that running for a couple of days, then have a vote on which is the best,"

"Good idea," said Ellie, and stood up.

"Where you going?" said Elsie.

"To get a box, of course!" and Ellie sped off.

A moment later, the room fell silent.

"What you should do is put your suggestions for the Sale in here. We'll have a vote on it and the best idea will be taken to the committee,"

Everyone was slightly startled, but greeted the idea with enthusiasm anyway.
Chapter 5 - Prep by Minim
"How many suggestions have we got?" asked Elsie.

"Five," said Ellie. "Lessons - Shakespeare - food - countries - auction,"

"Not countries," Elsie said. "We did them last year. Food sounds impossible, and lessons wouldn't be unique, the other branch has done that too many times,"

"It's Shakespeare or Auction," said Ellie. "There's not much point in suggesting Shakespeare, a lot of the form find it boring. Only a quarter like it. We'll have to put auction on, then,"

Ellie was nervous in the meeting, but withheld that information as it was her turn to suggest the idea, then sat down quickly.

Hobbies prefect Lola Andrews discussed with the sixth-formers about it, then stood up quickly.

"We want to be unique, yes?" Lola said.

There was a general murmur of agreement.

"We thought we'd do something not done before in the Chalet School," continued Lola. "We're going for a plain Sale. We're going to ask if we can do it plain every year, because we seem to be repetitive on ideas. And all of the stuff left over will be auctioned off, like Ellie's idea,"

Ellie blushed and wished she could turn invisible. "It wasn't my idea," she said.

"Still, we're adopting it,"


Elsie, though starting to be more bearable, still held a grudge against Scar, even though Scar wasn't bothered. Yet.

Prep wasn't the best of times to concentrate in that form, with all the rustling and movement. Scar concentrated on her maths first, but had trouble as it was a recap on the stuff done last term, containing the delightful surds and the wonderful standard form. She set it aside to do later, as she could spend more time on it.

She then did her History, Geography, and English, and was about to go back to her maths when - Craassshhh!

Half the class had knocked the books off their desks. At the back of the classroom, books were all over the floor.

"What is the problem?" asked the prefect.

She made enquiries and then made the whole form stand up for the rest of prep.

She forgot to add on the time lost to after supper where the girls complained miserably about work half or not done. The people guilty for the pandemonium were ignored by the innocents that evening, and they were very subdued about it.


Miss Parker was not pleased with the lack of work from half the maths group, and another quarter who had done some but not all of it. She ranted on and on and on and on and on and etc. etc.

She set loads of extra work on the three-quarters who hadn't done all the work, and another eighth of the class who hadn't done well enough. So seven eighths of the class had to do loads of work. One eighth didn't have to do most of the work.

"It wasn't like you to hold your silence about prep being cut short," Mary said.

"Yeah, remember when Miss Edgar made us three and Jade scrape under the desks with our hands just because Mary there decided to challenge John to a race in Geog, who could finish a packet of Trebor Softmints first without attracting the teachers attention? Miss Edgar didn't know we weren't in it, but when you told her about it she accepted it," Ellie said, although she was in the eighth that didn't have to do all of that prep.

"So you haven't told them?" asked Amber.

"Oh, no. I actually called Miss Parker Sir on that occasion," said Scar. "I don't think she was pleased,"

And she told them exactly what happened.


The girls slogged through the maths prep. Scar had gone to talk to the prefect in prep, and that same prefect told Miss Parker about the incident.
"No, I will not do your request. In my day, you were expected to finish all of your prep in an hour. These days, the girls spend too much time flicking small bits of paper at each other and messing around."
"The prefect thought to just last night when she and her friends had resorted to communicate with sign language, because during prep time, the prefects were expected to be silent.
Chapter 6 - Ideas by Minim
"Hello, you four," said Lind.

"Hello," Mary said

"Hola," Ellie responded

"Bonjour," came from Scar.

"Tell me, do you know why Amber didn't reply then?"




"Nein," said Amber herself.

"You lot look bored. Come join us in... Impertinent Questions! With your host, Delta Ovid!"

The foursome cracked a grin.


"Si, with accent over the i or it means if, like in -"

"Yes, dear,"

"We're playin',"


The girls were getting restless and energetic. They all wanted to go outside - but of course, as in any EBD fiction, it was impossible. But, unknown to the others, Scar had started to use the internet from her laptop, where she logged on to the CBB, and accessed the archives.

At the moment, she was reading the first episode of Lesley's Real Chalet School, and was enjoying it very much. But how her laptop had ended up in the Chalet School was impossible for her to say. It just had. She was loving the drabble, anyhow. It was really interesaunte, no, interesting. She wondered for a split second why she thought up the Spanish word occasionally, instead of the English. But she had just fallen off of a cliff, and needed to find out what would happen next. But of course, she could read it.

She wondered what it would be like if EBD had started to control this branch. If everyone here was being controlled. But Miss Parker was proof that this branch wasn't being controlled. She was too mean and evil to be a Chalet School character. And the midnight two nights ago... no-one had fallen ill and no teacher had found out about it. And, of course, the prefects had been demanding ice-cream a week ago, along with all the seniors. There were loads and loads of shy middles. And the juniors had had almost all of the attention with everyone recently. So no way was anyone being controlled.


It was Hobbies. Scar was making some electronic stuff, e.g. an alarm clock. Ellie was doodling randomly. Mary was writing a poem, and Amber was making something. They were all whistling.

"Elsie has started to neglect her duties as dep. rep," said Ellie. "She never does anything anymore, apart from the odd little thing now and again. For example, we have to show the forms ideas in meetings, and we decided that I'd write any notices needed and put them on our form board, and she'd take them down once they were full or outdated,"

"What do we do about her? Make her work again?" said Amber.

"No. We give her a final warning," said Mary.

"What d'ya mean?" said Scar.

"Well, Miss Richardson said "Of course, if these people are found to be irresponsible in their duties they will be demoted and others, who I've noted, will take her place," when she had just finished announcing the Form Rep. and Dep. Form Rep. So, you warn her that unless she pulls her socks up and starts being responsible, you will go to Ricky and tell her about it,"

"Good scheme. Team shake!"

The four put their left hands in the centre of their circle and did a shake I'm having difficulty in describing.
Chapter 7 - Elsie by Minim
"Elsie. Do you know why you are here today?"

Elsie mumbled something.

"I said: do you know why you are here today?"

"I have no idea,"

"So what have you done this week?"

"Sleep, eat,"

"Relating to Deputy Form Representative,"

"I don't understand,"

"Ellie said 'Relating to Deputy Form Representative.' To do with your duties, e.g. taking down old notices,"

"Thank you, Mary, that will be all,"




"Ellie said 'Nothing?'"

"No," said Elsie.

"Why not?"

A brief silence filled the room.

"This is your last chance to redeem yourself. You are slacking in your duties and without explanation. This is your final warning. If you haven't performed any of your duties properly by Sunday, then..."

"Then what?"

"Miss Richardson said 'Of course, if these people are found to be irresponsible in their duties they will be demoted and others, who I've noted, will take her place,'"

"Mary, I said, That Will Be All. You are dismissed, both of you,"

They left.

After this, Elsie went into a typical teenage sulk, and reluctantly, Ellie went to Miss Richardson on the Monday. Elsie was demoted and Scar was promoted.

This put Elsie in the sulks even more and on the Saturday afternoon, she went on a walk.

No-one was concerned. Middles could go out in certain areas in groups of 3 or more, and as 3 of the people Elsie was closest to had also gone out; it was assumed she had gone with them. However, when those three had returned and confirmed that Elsie wasn't with them, the Middles started to panic.

"Where would she go?" asked Laura to the Middles.

There was a general murmur of "The dark patch," it was well-known that Elsie had wanted to explore the black mist that was always hanging there. It was definitely forbidden ground, though, as many people had got lost and never had been found: rumours said that it was a death trap.

"I'll go there," offered Amber.

The middles looked in shock at Amber.

"I once was lost in similar mist, long story. I did think it led to a different world, though, and I did manage to escape it. You three coming with me?"




"The rest of you! If we aren't back for Tea, tell Miss Felgate!"

And the four scurried to the weird dark patch.
Chapter 8 - End of Term by Minim
"Here's the black mist," said Amber.

One by one, the four girls entered the mist. As soon as they entered it, they could not see out of it. The four went on, listening for sounds or anything that could alert them to another being.

A short scream settled that. The four followed it and saw an even darker patch, with a hand appearing out of it. The four approached it and Scar took the hand and pulled it out of the darkest patch, bringing an unconscious human with it.

Mary, Ellie and Scar took Elsie through the mist, Amber walking nearby, almost like a zombie.

It took them forever to get out of the black mist, but with perseverance and wind they managed to get out of the dark patch, which was now being dispersed by wind. The girls collapsed, with exception of Ellie.

"That might be one of them," said a "man", seeing Ellie's silhouette.

"Bob, you always say that, and are always wrong," said another "man".

"Well, if they aren't, they may have seen them. We're supposed to look for them, and find them,"

"Alright, Bob, but if this is wrong..."

"This lot don't believe in life on other planets,"

"Okay, fine," and the "men" forwarded to the silhouette.


The five were safe, and after a bit of careful monitoring in the school san (just in case) they were unleashed back into society, Elsie last.

"Jade's coming next term," said Ellie, one evening in the common-room.

"Who's Jade?" asked Elsie.

"Jade is an old friend of ours," said Scar.



"Sorry for being such a prat,"

"Sorry for all that business last term,"

"You already said,"

"Yeah, but I didn't mean it then. Under a headmistress, you tend to do what you're told,"


Sale day. A hanging of normal mist surrounded the school. The girls were in the hall, setting up stalls. Scar, Ellie, Elsie, Mary and Amber were helping with the nicknack's stall.

"Wow, look at these electronics! I wonder why no-ones thought of them before?"

The auction was to take place just after the competitions, which included a rather good dolls-house by an old girl, a very challenging quiz by the more modern-fashioned girls, a tiddlywinks contest, and "Guess the auto-changed words" which correlated with a random internet site.

The auction was fairly simple. It was made up of over-priced objects and those less noticeable to the crowd. The pricing was very simple. They'd offer full price first, and if no-one went for it the auctioneer would half it, and then half it again. If no-one went for it then it would be set aside. If the original maker/provider claimed it they could keep it, otherwise it could be dealt with somehow. Nobody had planned for that. There was no need anyway.

The girls tidied the sale away after it finished and the last person had gone. Then, after supper, they went to bed. The next day they were off home, and relaxing over the Easter holidays.

The End
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