Scar Returns to the Chalet School by Minim

It's Scar's second term at the Chalet School, and her two greatest friends, Ellie and Mary, have joined her. But what weird things are bound to happen?

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School Period: Future
School Name: Glendower House
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Series: Scar at the Chalet School
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Chapter 1 - Travelling by Minim
"Mum. Did you give it in? What did they say?" Scar frantically said, seeing her mother walk inside.

"And hello to you too," Scars mother said. "I'll talk later. Soph is yelling and your brothers need collecting from the station. You can come, and we'll take Soph with us. We'll have lunch somewhere in the town, and then we can come back and while the boys are playing games, I can tell you all you need to know,"

Scar enjoyed the family lunch, but wanted to get to business with Mum as soon as possible.

"Yes, you finally get me to yourself. Now, the Big Boss liked all your notes and whatnot, but is saying you need to go back to the school for at least until the rest of the year,"

Scar cheered.

"And I think you should stay there until you've finished properly altogether. And when Vi and young Soph are old enough, they'll go, too. I have it all sorted. Mary is going now, and Ellie says she's going, too. And another couple of girls around are going, including the one obsessed with pointy things,"


"Hi whichever Amy you are. Hi Nemone."

"It's Ameris," said Amelia.

"Yes, Amelia's gone to sit in the compartment," said Nemone.

"Scar!" called someone.

"Mary! Good to see you again. Where's Ellie?"

Nemone and Amelia looked from Mary to Scar.

"Scar! Mary! Good to see you, Scar!"

"And you, Ellie,"

Ellie walked over to the others.

"I'll introduce," said Scar. "Nemone and Ameris, this is Mary, and this is Ellie. Mary and Ellie, this is Nemone and Ameris. Ameris is one of twins, and they're identical,"

"Like the two Sams," said Ellie.

"But they're not due at the Chalet School until the autumn term," Mary said.

"My little sisters," explained Ellie. "I'm the middle sister,"

"And I'm the youngest in my family," said Mary.

"We're going on now," said Laura, with Lind and Melody. "Amelia, I see you're twin has bagged a compartment. Let's go,"

"It's Ameris," said Nemone. "But shouldn't we wait for Anne?"

"No, she's not coming by this train. She was staying at Georges and George lives along the coast somewhere, I'm not exactly sure where," said Lind.

"Where did I leave my bag?" said Ellie suddenly.

"On your back, you goop," Mary replied.

"Oh, yes. Sorry," said Ellie.

"Who are these two?" asked Laura, who was very careful on who she let in her group.

"Oh, this is Ellie, and this is Mary, from my old school. Anyway, are we getting on this train or not?" Scar said.

"Yes, hurry," said Laura, as she led onto the train and into the compartment still bagged by Ameris.

"Elsie still not talking to you, then?" said Melody.

"No, not since last term," said Scar.

"They had a row," said Lind to Mary and Ellie.

"We know," said Mary.

"Scar wrote to us a couple of times and told us all about it," said Ellie.

"She is a pain,"

"Always using the full name,"

"Asking thousands of questions,"

"So, we'll give our full names to you lot now, shall we?"

Lind and Melody stared.

"I'm Mary Ruby Muriel Meadows,"

"I'm Eleanor Patricia Louise Harolds,"

"I'm Scarlett Chelsea Angela Ronaldson," said Scar, joining in.

"Riiggghhhhttttt," said Lind.

"I know a Helena who goes by Len," Melody said. "Why don't you?"

"She doesn't go by Len,"

"Because I dislike it,"

"And her mother always called her Ellie, so she stuck by it,"

Elsie went in the compartment for some reason, and all went quiet.

"What do you want?" asked Mary, coldly.

"This isn't where you're settled," Ellie followed on.

"Leave us, Elsie Lanna Sarah Ivy," Scar said.

"I told you, Scarlett Chelsea Angela, not to call me by the full," Elsie said.

"Well, you're not setting a good example,"

"Call any one of us by our full's and we'll all call you by yours,"

"So, what is it that you want?"

"I want to say hello to the new girls,"


"But we already know about you,"

"I wrote to them and told them all about you,"

"What are your names?"

"I'm Mary Ruby Muriel Meadows. Death to those who use the whole!"

"I'm Eleanor Patricia Louise Harolds. Ellie to you, or a curse on your head!"

"I'm Scarlett Chelsea Angela Ronaldson. Use the whole, you'll regret!"

"I'm Ambrose Maisie Barbie Elisaveta Roper. Use it, and you'll wish you were facing a rampaging bull!"

"Hi, Amber!"


"Nice to see you again,"

"And you," said Amber, joining in.

Elsie gaped.



"To your own,"


Elsie left.
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