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Date: 25 Aug 2015 7:47 am Title: I Share the Fruits of a Fortnight's Holiday Thinking

Yay for having formulated a plan you're happy with, and I'm looking forward to phase nine - I love that set of Tyrol middles. :)

Author's Response: You may have to wait a while for Phase Nine...

Reviewer: Beecharmer Signed [Report This]
Date: 24 Aug 2015 8:32 pm Title: I Share the Fruits of a Fortnight's Holiday Thinking

Wow you are organised! To save deleting why don't you just take them off the series ? That will be quicker and then you might sometimes want to look at the others and add them at a later date.

Biggest thing is enjoy yourself, everything else will follow. Don't worry so much! I

Reviewer: Beecharmer Signed [Report This]
Date: 09 Aug 2015 6:32 pm Title: I Draft My Resignation (Kind Of)

Only just found this, and while I don't really appreciate you putting my review on there like that, I understand the feelings you are talking about. I would like to make it clear if anyone is reading just this that that that review was after you said yourself that people hate the universe, that part has only come from you. As my message said It's not specifically disliking the universe more finding your versions of canon or near canon characters more interesting initially.

There's quite possibly a lot of people that do like the Maynard Madness universe and know all the different characters and can follow it.

I've several drabbles or universes of my own I've been really tempted to delete or wish I'd never started - but it's all part of developing as a writer and finding your style. I would say don't do anything about the past stories, just post stories in whatever universe you enjoy from now as and when you enjoy writing them, after all the point is to do what you enjoy which is what I've said before.

Lots of people don't like their early work, but yours is good even if it's sometimes hard for someone not familiar with your own canon to follow. Your Josie story and universe is a good idea, and I agree with crm that is isn't what I would see as a Mary Sue type drabble.

The only reason I would suggest a change at all is that I personally find as a potential reader that if I see you have posted a drabble and the drabble belongs to Maynard Madness I'm less likely to try it, and if other people are doing the same I think that is a pity as you have some really good insights into characters and do find situations that I would like to read about. You should also see it as a positive, you have created lots of original characters, which is a good thing for you moving forward to non fanfiction writing - you will probably find that some stage in the future you rewrite various of those characters in a different situation, they obviously want their own stories !

I don't think you need to get rid of the universe, just because it might put someone off who is unfamiliar with it. That's the case with a lot of different authors and universes, if I don't know the universe and it looks like it is several stories into a series then I might not be as likely to start a story. However, once I get into a universe I use the series link and enjoy finding things within the same universe.

I would do C, and go forward with Maynard madness drabbles when you want to write in that universe, but maybe not add the Maynard Madness tag to drabbles that aren't specifically in that universe without being in a series.

Author's Response: Sorry about using the review. I don't think I said that that contributed to the "people hating it" thing (perhaps I ought to have re-read it before I responded...) I thought that you might not have wanted your name attached, but I didn't think you'd mind about me using the review itself. Sorry - I'm not trying to "blame" you (for want of a better word) or anything, I just wanted to make my reasons clear.

Reviewer: crm Signed [Report This]
Date: 07 Aug 2015 8:08 pm Title: I Draft My Resignation (Kind Of)

Disclaimer - I don't think I've read *any* of your MM universe. (I don't really tend towards the Maynard family, or the Swiss/future era.) So please feel free to ignore this as irrelevant!

I think option B makes a lot of sense and would probably give you some satisfaction - a sense that you'd completed something. C is very valid too and in honesty is probably what I would personally do. A seems like a shame but it's your call.

i wanted to respond on the 'Mary Sue' point, and I can't remember whether I said this before or just meant to, but I don't think what you've done in Josie Goes is Mary Sue in a bad way. The unconscious Mary Sue, where all the readers can spot it but the writer seems blind, that's a problem. Doing it openly is a different thing I think and not something to castigate yourself for. A Mary Sue is like an idealised self insert - is that what you think's going on in Josie Goes? I've only dipped in and out of it, but that wasn't really the impression I've got. Don't give yourself a hard time on that point, is what I mean to say.

(I also have drabbles I'm tempted to go back and delete. Mostly though I figure if even one person might enjoy reading it, that's reason enough to keep it up there and weather the embarrassment that *I* think it's not very good after all...)

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